Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Congratulations Chris and Lucy

This Wedding Reception with the colors of turquoise and white with accents of pink was so pretty!  The tables had white cloths and the chairs had white satin covers.  The centerpieces were gorgeous arrangements of pink flowers.  There were white and turquoise lanterns and pom poms hanging from the ceiling, and to tie it all together, we had turquoise uplights along the walls and a GOBO monogram with Chris and Lucy’s names with a starfish design along the main wall.  The favors matched as well, with the guests getting pink cups at the bar or custom pink koozies for their beer. They did a really great job tying all the colors together!
After the entrance and First Dance, the buffet was open to everyone.  But, they all loved the appetizers as well, which consisted of a queso fountain, chips, and assorted salsas.  The toasts and cake cutting came next.  Lucy’s ombre cake was amazing.  It had three stacked tiers all covered in ruffles.  The bottom tier was the darkest turquoise, the middle was lighter and the top tier was the lightest.  To tie in with their beach theme, there were edible seashells and starfish on each tier.  It was beautiful!  The topper matched the beach theme as well, as it had a groom standing on the beach holding his bride, and the words “just married” were written in the sand.  Chris’ cake was just as cool, as it showed their love for their dogs.  The chocolate cake had a picture of their dogs on the top, and little dog bone and paw print fondant accents ran around the sides.  Too cute!

After the Parent’s dances, the dancing got started and this crowd loved to party!  They danced from the first song to the last, only stopping for the Bouquet and Garter and the Money Dance.  When the night came to an end, everyone joined in the Last Dance before watching the Newlyweds exit through sparklers and drive off in a carriage to their new life together.  Congratulations Chris and Lucy!

Venue: The Roof Garden
Catering: Coastal Catering
Cakes: The Cake Lady

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Congratulations Danny and Caitlin

This beautiful Reception featured the colors of navy and coral, with a sea theme woven throughout, and it was all beautiful.  The tables had floor length ivory cloths with navy satin napkins.  The centerpieces were either vases of floating coral flowers with submerged seashells or floral arrangements of coral and blue flowers.  For favors, each guest received a bottle opener with a seashell handle.  Each place setting also had a cute card for guests to fill in the questions about the Bride and Groom.  The table numbers were really cute as well: each number also had a picture of Danny or Caitlin at that age.  There were other accents that matched the sea theme as well, from the place cards sitting in a small sandbox to the card holder lantern with sand and shells in the bottom.

After dinner, we had the toasts and cake cutting.  Caitlin’s cake had four stacked white tiers with white lilies on top and a cascade of white starfish going down the front.  Danny’s cake was amazing!  It was a Cleveland Brown’s football stadium with his and Caitlin’s name and wedding date on the scoreboard.  So cool!  We then started off the dancing with the Hora.  It was so much fun seeing the Newlyweds lifted up in chairs while everyone danced around them.  They danced to Hava Nagila for a bit before more dance music encouraged everyone to keep dancing.  Later, when we played The Eyes of Texas, the floor filled with Longhorns, who also enjoyed the personalized UT cozies.  Dancing continued until we stopped for the Bouquet and Garter.  Then, back to the dancing until the end.  The Bride and Groom were showered with eco-friendly confetti before they drove off to their new life together.  Congratulations Danny and Caitlin!

Venue: Hotel Galvez
Photography: Nate Messara
Cakes: Cakes by Jula
Flowers: Island Flowers

Monday, October 13, 2014

Congratulations Eric and Karen

This wedding had the colors of navy and white, which were perfect for the yacht club with a waterfront view.  The tables had white linens and the chairs had white covers with navy ties.  The centerpieces alternated between silver vases or large crystal globes, all filled with white, yellow and blue flowers.  After the outdoor Ceremony, the guests came inside for the Reception. 

After the First Dance and a delicious dinner, we moved onto the toast and cake cutting.  Karen’s cake had three white stacked tiers with white designs, each with a navy ribbon around the bottom.  Eric’s chocolate cake was a “house united” cake, with one side decorated for Texas A&M and the other side for UT.  The parent’s dances came next and then it was party time! 

In lieu of the Bouquet and Garter, this couple opted to do an Anniversary Dance.  The longest married couple in the room had been married 61 years!  They were presented with the bouquet and a Bundt cake, and then we went back to the dancing.  When the night came to a close, the Newlyweds ran through a shower of bubbles and headed off to their life as a married couple.  Congratulations Eric and Karen!

Venue: Lakewood Yacht Club
Flowers: Haute Flowers
Cakes: Cakes by Jula

Congratulations Brian and Kora

This couple opted for a more laid back feel for their day in order to spend more time with their guests.  They took all their pictures before the Ceremony so they had more time at the Reception.  After a cabaret style Ceremony, in which the guests sat at their dinner tables, we moved onto dinner.  Brian and Kora opted to not do a formal cake cutting or special dances, so after dinner we had the toasts and then the dance floor was open.

The room d├ęcor matched the overall feel of the day, as it was simple yet elegant.  The tables had ivory floor-length linens with black overlays.  The chairs had ivory covers with black ties.  The centerpieces had candles sitting in sand in large vases, surrounded by white flowers.  To tie in the sea theme, there were a few starfish on each table and the table numbers featured shells as the background.

At one point, some of the guests surprised the Bride and Groom with a game called The Kissing Experience.  They chose 10 couples who had to reenact a kiss from a famous movie while the guests scored them.  It was funny!  With no Bouquet or Garter, the guests were able to continue visiting with each other and dancing until the night came to a close.  Everyone enjoyed the Last Dance before the Newlyweds bid them farewell.  Congratulations Brian and Kora!

Venue: Ashton Villa
Catering, Linens, Cake: Carriage Caterers

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Congratulations Brandon and Kelly

This wedding day had the most beautiful weather we’ve had all year and it was perfect for the outdoor Ceremony held in the pergola of Ashton Villa.   After the ceremony, the guests went indoors for the Reception.  The colors for this day were blue and green and the whole wedding had a vintage feel to it.   The tables had ivory floor length cloths with lace overlays and the chairs had ivory satin chair covers with taupe ties.  The centerpieces alternated between tall vases with blue and green hydrangea and low arrangements of tea cups on stacks of books with vintage oil lamps.  The table numbers were on vintage china plates and there were a lot of other vintage touches as well, from the signs to the card box.

Kelly’s cake had three tiers of stacked cupcakes with one round tier on top for the cutting.  The topper was two cute little blue and white vintage looking birds.  Brandon’s cake reflected his hobby: hunting.  It was a round chocolate tier decorated with shotguns, a deer, a hog and a sign saying “The hunt is over”.  It was cool!  The guests enjoyed dancing from the first song to the last and only stopped when we did the Bouquet and Garter.  When the night came to an end, the Newlyweds ran through a shower of rose petals and headed off to their new life together.  Congratulations Brandon and Kelly!

Venue: Ashton Villa
Catering, Linens, Flowers: Carriage Caterers
Photography: ETC Studios