Monday, March 22, 2010

Congratulations Matt and Cerissa

This reception again took us to one of our favorite venues: Bay Oaks Country Club. The colors of the wedding were white and pool/light aqua. The tables had floor length white table cloths with white napkins. The chair covers were white satin with pool-colored ties. The centerpieces were a high/low combination. The tall ones had very tall vases with tall curly willow, white orchids, and white and blue hydrangea. They had blue lights submersed in the water and sparkling bead accents hanging from the curly willow. They were very elegant and dramatic and I loved them! The low centerpieces also had blue lights in them, with white floating hydrangeas. They were the perfect colors for spring and it was all so beautiful. To tie it all together, we had four blue uplights along the main wall behind the sweetheart and cake tables. It was so pretty.

Cerissa was gorgeous in her white strapless gown with all-over beading, and her slim beaded headband was the perfect accent to her gown. She carried a bouquet of red roses tied with a white handkerchief (I imagine it had special meaning and was her something old). The Bridesmaids wore pool gowns with teal shawls, and the Maid of Honor wore a teal gown with a pool shawl. The gowns were strapless satin with a small train in the back. They all carried bouquets of blue and white hydrangeas. Matt looked handsome, of course, in his black tuxedo, silver vest and tie, and red boutonniere. His Groomsmen wore similar attire but with black vests and ties with white boutonnieres. The whole Bridal Party looked great!

After a very sweet first dance, it was time to get the dance floor open. This group was a lot of fun, dancing to everything from oldies to pop to line dances to slow to everything else. Like I said, they were a lot of fun. After a bit, it was time for the toasts, and only a few tears were shed. :-) Then, cake cutting! The Bride’s cake featured four white, stacked, square tiers with white alternating designs on each layer and red roses on top. The Groom’s cake was Speed Racer’s Mach V. It was awesome!

Sadly, the night had to come to an end. Matt and Cerissa ran through a shower of rose petals, jumped into their limousine and headed off to their new life together. Congratulations to the Newlyweds!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Congratulations Rick and Jessica

This wedding ceremony and reception brought us to Bay Oaks Country Club, one of our favorite venues. A wall of windows, great food, great service, and a great Private
Events Director, Julie, are part of the reasons why. The colors for this wedding were black, white and red. The tables had black floor-length cloths, and the chairs had black satin chair covers with red bead-embellished ties. The centerpieces had tall vases with lights inside, with red roses on top. They were surrounded by red petals and votive candles on the tables. To really accent the room and the colors, we had four red uplights along the wall of windows, which ran behind the cake table. It was all very dramatic and elegant.

Jessica was so pretty in her strapless white gown. She carried a bouquet of red and white roses with a black satin ribbon tied handle. Her Maid of Honor wore a black floor-length dress and carried a similar bouquet. Rick and his Groomsmen wore black tuxes with red vests and white boutonnieres. They all looked great!

The ceremony was held outside, and the weather was perfect. That seems to be unusual for Texas, so we’re glad that this couple had such beautiful weather. After the ceremony, guests came inside for the cocktail hour and dinner. (We provided music for both the ceremony and reception.) After a delicious dinner and a champagne toast, it was time to cut the cake. It was so pretty! It had three stacked tiers with an additional elevated top tier. Each tier was white with different white designs on it, and there were edible red roses cascading down the side. The topper was pretty: it was Jessica and Rick’s initials accented with red rhinestone accents. Then came the first dance, and it was party time! These guests were fun – but it was obvious that country was their favorite genre of music. This wedding was a smaller group than is typical, and it was really nice. It allowed the Bride and Groom to spend a lot of time talking and having fun with their friends and family.

One fun aspect of this wedding was the kids – they were everywhere and I love kids. There were just so many little ones, and since they tend to love to play on the dance floor, they have a way getting the dancing started. And this group of kids never seemed to run out of energy: they partied from beginning to end!

After the Money Dance, the Bouquet and Garter, and more dancing the night finally came to a close. Rick and Jessica bid farewell to their guests and left for their new life as a married couple. Congratulations Rick and Jessica!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Congratulations Vinh and Julie

What a gorgeous reception!! This one was held in the ballroom of the Magnolia Hotel, which has such interesting character in the room (and I mean that in a good way). Julie and Vinh added to the decor with their own touches to make the room look amazing! There were 1000 Origami cranes (folded by Vinh and Julie) hanging behind the cake table, there were white lights hanging with them, and we had two white uplights accenting them. Then, we had six amber uplights on the walls of the room. To top that, there were white, sage, and pink paper lanterns hanging above the dance floor. The whole ballroom was elegant and incredible!

The colors of the wedding were sage and ivory, with pink floral accents. Julie wore a gorgeous ivory strapless gown with pickups on the skirt. She carried a white and pink bouquet. Her Bridesmaids wore sage green gowns and carried pink bouquets. (The flowers were beautiful and I found out that Vinh’s sister did them all. She is so talented!) Vinh wore a black tux with a white boutonniere and his Groomsmen wore matching attire.

The tables featured ivory table cloths with tall vase centerpieces holding tall white calla lilies. At the base of each were votive candles and small vases featuring pink floating flowers. All the tables in the cocktail area had pink hydrangeas scattered around, to match.

The cake was gorgeous. It had four, round, white, stacked tiers, each with a different design. There was a sage ribbon at the bottom of each tier, and it was accented with flowers. The topper consisted of matching flowers. The table was decorated to match with scattered pink and sage flowers.

We knew this was going to be a real party for a few reasons. When we introduced Julie and Vinh in to I Gotta Feeling, the guests went wild. Then, when Vinh introduced the slide show, the guests went wild again. And, when the slide show was over, there was a standing ovation. This group was ready to party from the minute they arrived! (Oh, and a shout out to Vinh, who made the slide show. It was probably the best one we’ve ever seen!)

After the cake cutting, toasts, First Dance, and Father/Daughter Dance, the party was on. As we predicted, they dance from the first song to the last. And, not just danced, but DANCED! They were wild, all over the floor, getting crazy and having a blast! Julie and Vinh said they wanted a total party, with mostly hip-hop, top dance hits, and songs like that, and I see why.

After the bouquet and garter tosses, and LOT more dancing, the night wound down and it was time for the reception to end. Everyone had a great time and wished the Newlyweds their best. Congratulations Vinh and Julie and enjoy Italy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Congratulations Frank and Gladys

This reception brought us to the J.W. Marriott on Westheimer. The interior is modern and beautiful and the coordinator we worked with, Beverly, was excellent. But, let’s talk about the Bride and Groom.

Gladys was so beautiful in her strapless white beaded gown with full pick-up skirt. She carried red roses. Her Bridesmaids wore floor-length dark red gowns and carried smaller red rose bouquets. Frank was handsome in his black tux with red boutonniere, and his
Groomsmen matched.

To match the colors of the day, the tables were covered in white floor length cloths, with red rose centerpieces. The chairs had white satin chair covers with red ties. And the cake, wow, it was beautiful! It featured four white tiers, each with different designs, and red roses between each tier. The topper consisted of red roses. Instead of a Groom’s cake, there was a chocolate fountain, which was definitely enjoyed. To add to the ambiance of the room, there were eight red uplights along the walls. They make such a difference in a room!

After a delicious sit down meal, it was time for the toast and cake cutting. The First Dance: what can I say. It was awesome! Frank and Gladys choreographed an eight minute dance, like some you might have seen on the internet. They started with a slow song, went into some great fun dance songs like YMCA, Apache, Ice Ice Baby, and others, then ended it up with the slow song again. It was fantastic and the guests went crazy clapping, laughing, and singing along! Following that were the Father//Daughter and Mother/Son dances, and the party was on. This group was fun! They danced to everything from Line Dances to Waltzes to Hip Hop to Eighties to everything else.

At one point, cousins of the Bride sang “From This Moment” dedicated to the Newlyweds. It was really sweet and you could tell it meant a lot to Gladys and Frank. After that, and the Bouquet and Garter, it was back to the party. This couple said they wanted the reception to be a big party, and they got it. It was so much fun, the guests were dancing, and a great time was had by all.

Congratulations Frank and Gladys!