Thursday, June 21, 2018

Congratulations Dennis and Jackie

This wedding ceremony and reception, featuring the color of pink, had a lot of unique touches that made it personal to Jackie and Dennis.  The guest tables had floor-length white cloths that were topped with pink napkins.  Each napkin held a custom card with the ceremony program on the front and the menu on the back.  Each centerpiece had three bottles holding baby’s breath and pink roses, and the bottles sat on a wood slice.  The guest book was actually large Jenga blocks.  What was nice was that, rather than just signing their names, the guests wrote messages to the couple.  Dennis and Jackie will surely treasure those notes.

At the bar, guests got their drinks in custom cups.  The toasts were fun, especially when Jackie’s two sisters sang a song they wrote for her and Dennis.  The wedding cake was unique: they didn’t have one!  Instead, Jackie and Dennis fed each other an ice cream sandwich!  Then, ice cream sandwiches were served to all the guests.  The couple opted to skip the bouquet and garter, and instead, spent the time on the dance floor.   After a fun evening, the night came with the last dance.  Instead of a formal exit, these newlyweds stayed to bid farewell to their guests.  Congratulations Dennis and Jackie!

Venue: Garten Verein
Catering: Mary Bass
Photography: Jennifer Vargas

Friday, June 15, 2018

Come visit with us and see us in action.  Free admission and lots of great door prizes!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Congratulations Travis and Tatiana

 This country meets rustic wedding featured the colors of turquoise and coral, and they were pulled together perfectly.  Outside the venue, the guests arrived to find a unique display of stacked hay bales with a saddle on top.  There was the word “love” made of wood and painted turquoise, and below that was a “W” for the couple’s last initial.  Once Inside, there was a unique guest book.  The guests signed small hearts that were dropped into a picture frame in the shape of Texas.  They then put their gifts inside a full-sized antique carriage – how cool! 

The ceremony took place in front a custom built wood arch, which was decorated with turquoise and coral flowers.  Bales of hay accented the posts of the arch.  Tatiana’s bridal party wore pretty knee-length dresses and carried bouquets of coral and turquoise flowers.  Travis and his guys looked great in their grey tuxes.  Travis wore a coral vest and tie while his groomsmen wore turquoise vests and ties.

The reception tables matched the colors of the wedding with the centerpieces.  They consisted of coral and turquoise mason jars filled with flowers, sitting on wood slices.  The jars had Texas shapes on them, and the light inside the jars shone through the shapes.  Each centerpiece was accented with a votive candle and a small framed picture of the couple.  We had our amber Uplights around the room, which created a candlelight feel.  When it came time for dancing, they allowed us to turn off the overhead lights, which were too bright.    That’s one big advantage of Uplights: you can turn off lights that don’t have dimmers, and create a more romantic or fun atmosphere. 

Tatiana’s three-tiered white cake matched the wedding colors and theme.  The stacked tiers had swirl accents on them and the middle one had a coral bow around it.  The wood topper was in the shape of Texas and had the couple’s wedding date on it.  The cake sat on wood slices.  Travis’ cake looked like a Nintendo game system, so I guess we know what he loves!  (Besides Tatiana, of course.)  The guests also enjoyed a candy bar, with turquoise and coral candy.  One thing I will remember about this wedding was Travis and his screwdriver.  I can’t explain it but it was so funny!

After a great wedding with a fun couple, the night came to an end when the newlyweds walked through a line of their guests blowing bubbles.  Congratulations Travis and Tatiana!

Venue: Ed Picket Memorial Hall
Catering: Luna’s Mexican Restaurant
Cakes: Nanny’s Way Bakery

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Congratulations Shea and Abby

This wedding was filled with many special elements that reflected Abby and Shea and their relationship.  To start, the guests arrived to see the sidewalk in front of the venue covered in chalk scriptures and pictures.  Abby and her father used to do that when she was little. 

The color for the day was turquoise, accented with rustic touches.  The bridal party wore a variety of turquoise knee-length dresses with cowboy boots.  They, as well as Abby, carried bouquets of white and turquoise flowers.  The groomsmen were handsome in their black tuxes with turquoise vests and ties.  Shea wore the same, but with a turquoise bow tie.  The colors were perfect for a spring wedding.

Abby and Shea greeted each guest as they entered the reception.  The guests then found tables with white floor-length table cloths topped by centerpieces of mason jars filled with white and turquoise flowers.  Underneath each centerpiece was a square of burlap.  The couple’s sweetheart table featured turquoise mason jars with flowers.  There was a bell sitting on the table, and it had “Ring for a kiss” written on it.   I guess that bell was rung a few too many times, as it soon disappeared off the table.  We did one unique thing we did at this wedding that we have never done before: read a short bio of each person toasting.  We’d introduce them and tell the guests about their relationship with Shea and Abby, and then they’d do their toast.  The bios were a huge hit!  For another way to make their wedding personal and entertain the guests, the couple played the shoe game.  Abby and Shea really know each other well, as most of their answers matched.

The white, three-tier, stacked cake was simple and elegant:  perfect for this wedding.  All the tiers had scroll designs on them, and the topper was a Willow Tree bride and groom.  To reflect Abby’s career in the Navy, they cut the cake with a sword.  Shea’s ‘groom’s cake’ was a big hit: root beer floats!  The staff were scooping up ice cream and covering it with root beer as the guests looked on.   When the guests weren’t eating delicious cake, drinking root beer floats, or dancing, they were taking fun pictures in our photo booth.  We customized the strips to match the wedding and they were a great match!  When the wedding came to a close with the last dance, the newlyweds ran through a tunnel of sparklers and headed off in a horse-drawn carriage.  Congratulations Shea and Abby!

Photographer: Darlena Parish Creative
Cake: Colosseum Bakery
Catering: Kat’s BBQ