Monday, July 27, 2009

Great video to watch

This video shows how a great sense of humor can get you through any little mishap that may occur on your wedding day. The CD skipped during the Bride's processional, and the guests helped her along. We weren't the DJ for this wedding, I found it on Youtube.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We enjoyed meeting you this weekend

We had a good time at the Bridal Extravaganza this weekend and enjoyed meeting and speaking to you future Brides and Grooms. We loved hearing about the plans for your big day!

We want to say a special Thank You to Carol of Carol's Catering Service, who surprised me with a small cake on Saturday for my birthday. It was yummy and very happily eaten!

And another Thank You to Michelle and the crew over at Clear Lake Flowers. Ferdy spoke to them before the show and arranged for them to bring a beautiful vase of flowers to surprise me. (Here's where all the ladies, say "He's so sweet!" And yes, he's the best!!) So, that beautiful pink floral arrangement in our booth was a birthday gift from my wonderful husband.

To see us again soon, we'll be at the Bay Oaks Country Club Bridal Open House on Thursday, August 13, from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Contact Julie at Bay Oaks for more information, at 281-488-7888 x3805.

We'll also be at the Boutique Bridal Show of Galveston Island on Sunday, August 16, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. For more information go to

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooks

Tonight we had fun providing the entertainment for Brooks' 11th birthday pool party. There were plenty of people there, enjoying the music, food, cake, and cool water. All the kids were so nice and well behaved, it was so nice to see. They loved the Limbo Contest (congrats to Clare, Abby, Mallory, and Kyle, the winners). Later there was some dancing and I led the kids in the Cha Cha Slide. Oh, a big shout out to Brandon, who is quite the dancer! For fun, we gave out sunglasses, glow sticks, leis, and a few inflatable guitars. Although it was hot, it was a great time for all. Again, Happy Birthday Brooks!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Come visit us at the Bridal Extravaganza!

Don't forget that this weekend is the big Bridal Extravaganza! It is Saturday, July 25 from 10:00 - 5:00, and Sunday, July 26 from 11:00 - 5:00. We will be in booth #312. Come by and visit us! You can get more info on their website at

And, if you're there on Saturday, make sure to wish me a Happy Birthday. :-)

Congratulations James and Kellie

Such a gorgeous Bride, handsome Groom, and amazing colors! I think that about sums it up, but I’ll still tell you the details. LOL The colors of the day were black and hot pink, and they were all tied in so beautifully! We provided music for the ceremony and reception, so we (Well, I should say “me” because Ferdy isn’t quite so into that stuff as I am) got to see all the little wonderful things they did to make their wedding perfect.

Kellie looked gorgeous in her white satin gown. It had a long train with beautiful embellishments on the bodice and skirt. I loved the bustle. It’s not one that I’ve seen before, but it tucked the skirt up to the waist and kept the smooth line of the skirt. It was very elegant! She carried a bouquet of hot pink roses. The Bridesmaids wore black cocktail length dresses and carried hot pink bouquets as well. They changed into matching fuchsia flip flops for the reception – very cute! James wore a black tux with white shirt, vest, and tie, while his Groomsmen wore black tuxes with white shirts, hot pink vests, and hot pink ties. They all wore hot pink boutonnieres. They all looked so nice!

The ceremony was so beautiful. The chapel had hot pink hyndrangeas on alternating pews, with candles in glass lanterns on the others. Just as the ceremony began, the sky darkened and it started to rain. (You do know it’s considered good luck if it rains on your wedding day, right?) With less light, the chapel was so romantic and intimate. The candles at the altar and on the aisle were glowing. Even the ceremony programs matched the colors. The information was printed on hot pink paper, which was mounted on a black and white damask print paper, with a black bow tied at the top. The programs were very striking and I loved them!

The reception was equally beautiful. The tables had white floor length table cloths with white napkins and white chair covers. The black chair ties and hot pink centerpieces pulled the look together. The table centerpieces featured one main arrangement, with two smaller arrangements on each side. They were a mix of assorted fuchsia flowers (stargazer lilies, roses, and more). They were gorgeous.

The Bride’s cake was a perfect match to the day. It was white, with four square tiers, white scroll designs on each layer and a black ribbon on the bottom of each. There were hot pink roses between each tier, and petals scattered on the table. The Bride and Groom’s initials were on the top. The Groom’s cake was amazing! It was a blue Mustang Saleen: a replica of James’ car. It was done with amazing detail. I couldn’t believe it!

Another cool thing at this reception was the Candy Buffet. It was on layers of fuchsia and black organza, with assorted glass vases that had hot pink and black ribbons around them. There were little bags to take home your treats, and they featured the couple’s names and wedding date on them (in hot pink, of course). I tell you, every little detail of this wedding was so well planned and it was evident.

After dinner, the cake cutting, the toasts, and the special dances, it was time for the party to begin! There were so many adorable little ones at this wedding, and I loved it. It’s so cute to see the kids in their dressy clothes, running around the dance floor. Big dance floor hits with this group were Cha Cha Slide, Play That Funky Music, Single Ladies, Cupid Shuffle, and Baby Got Back. To add to the fun, the photographer had set up a photo area with a backdrop, and he was getting the guests to get silly in front of the camera. The Crazy Booth poses were hysterical and everyone a great time participating as well as watching! We also had a great time with this couple: they’re both so nice and James is too funny!

Finally after the Money Dance and Bouquet and Garter Tosses, it was time for the evening to come to close. The Newlyweds ran through a shower of petals (hot pink, of course) and took off in a limo to their new life together. Congratulations Kellie and James and have fun in Cancun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Congratulations Donnie and Rachael

What a pretty afternoon wedding reception! It was held at Maggiano’s on Post Oak, and not only was the ballroom pretty, but the food and staff were great as well. The colors of the wedding were indigo (blue), champagne (ivory), and silver. The tables had ivory tablecloths and were topped by alternating high/low centerpieces of flowers including ivory and blue hydrangea. The programs for the ceremony and the bubbles for the exit were tied with blue ribbon, to match. Something you don’t see often, but is a nice touch, is a donation favor. This couple did that, by donating to a charity in lieu of giving favors to the guests. There were cards on the tables letting the guests know that it was done.

Rachael was gorgeous in her strapless, ivory fitted gown: she has such a tiny waist! She carried a bouquet of blue hydrangeas and ivory calla lilies. The Bridesmaids wore strapless, cocktail length gowns in indigo, and carried bouquets of ivory calla lilies tied with blue ribbons. The Groom wore an ivory vest and tie under his tux, with a blue hydrangea boutonniere. The Groomsmen wore silver ties and vests with ivory boutonnieres. It all looked very elegant and summery.

Now for the cakes. The Bride’s cake had three ivory colored tiers with their last name initial on the top. The top and bottom tier had a simple blue ribbon ‘tied’ around each one, with a bow on the front. The middle layer had blue accents all over it (I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s like blue squiggles.) The Groom’s cake was amazing! The theme of his square chocolate cake was deer hunting, so I guess we know his hobby. :-) The cake itself was chocolate, with a deer stand on top. The stand was covered in chocolate and had green icing vines and leaves all over it. The front of the cake had an icing blue ‘river’ running down it. On the rest of the cake there were chocolate trees with green icing leaves, and chocolate covered ‘rocks’. The only things not edible or covered in chocolate or icing were the deer. That cake was really, really awesome!

After a seated, family style dinner of spaghetti and chicken parmesan (which the guests loved), the special dances, the cake cutting and toasts, it was time to party! This was another reception that shows that you can have lots of fun and dancing in the daytime. After the third song (you know it takes a little bit for people to get warmed up), it was dancing until the end. A bit later, the Bride and her Zeta sisters did a Sorority Candlelight, followed by more dancing. I can’t forget the dance dedicated to Dylan, Donnie and Rachael’s son. It was sweet that even though he was too young to understand, they wanted a special song just for him. He was a little cutie!

After lots more dancing (and some dancing craziness near the end of the reception LOL), and the bouquet and garter tosses, it was time for the newlyweds to leave. They ran through a shower of bubbles and took off in a gorgeous antique limo to begin their new life together. Congratulations Rachael and Donnie!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Congratulations Ronnie and Tonja

This was the Brady Bunch, 4th of July but the colors weren’t red or blue, held in a Historic ballroom, wedding of the year, and it was wonderful! I say Brady Bunch because, between the Bride and Groom, they have 5 daughters. Gorgeous and sweet girls, they already fit together like family.

Although the wedding was on July 4th, it wasn’t all about the holiday. It just happened to be the day that worked best for this couple’s schedule. The colors were a soft and summery mix of soft pink, mauve, ivory, and sage. The colors were perfect for the ballroom, which held tables covered with cloths of ivory damask topped by vintage oil lamps for centerpieces. The Bridesmaids wore soft pink gowns and had pink and ivory flowers. Tonja’s oldest daughter walked her down the aisle, so she wore the same gown as the Bridesmaids, but in sage green.. The Groom and his Best Man wore sage vest and ties with matching pink and ivory flowers.

The Bride’s cake matched the colors as well. It was 3-tiered, ivory, with sage ribbons around the bottom of each tier, and had mauve and ivory flowers spiraling down the front. There was a tiny bit of cake smashing when the couple fed each other the cake, but it wasn’t too bad and only required Tonja to blow her nose to get all the cake out. :-)

The ceremony prelude music was a bit unique in that it was timed to a slideshow put together by Ronnie. So, the guests got to enjoy the photos and accompanying music while waiting for the ceremony to start. Finally, Tonja walked down the aisle in a pretty gown with soft layers of chiffon. Combine the dress with the curls in her hair, and Tonja looked like a Greek goddess!

After picture taking and appetizers, the Bride and Groom were announced into the room and dinner began. Following the First Dance and the Bridal Party Dance (which was to the Chicken Dance – that’s when the guests knew the night was going to be a lot of fun!), it was party time. Everyone had a lot of fun dancing, especially Ronnie and Tonja. I knew going in that Tonja would probably be a big dancer, but I didn’t expect that Ronnie would be on the dance floor so much. He’s a real party guy!

The bouquet toss (bouquet caught by Tonja’s oldest daughter) and the garter tosses were over, and the dancing continued until the end of the night. (They had already done a bubble exit after the ceremony, so everyone got to dance until the very end of the reception.) Finally the happy Newlyweds left for their honeymoon cruise. Congratulations to you both and enjoy your trip!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Today is the day we celebrate the signing and adoption of the Declaration of Independence: the birthday of our nation. Independence Day. While you are all out celebrating by eating hot dogs and apple pie, watching fireworks, and enjoying the parades, don't forget the meaning. Celebrate not only for the fun, but remind yourself of the amazing freedoms we have in our country. Remember the service men and women who have and continue to fight for our right to live free. While we will be working a wedding, we will be celebrating as well: the birth of a new family that is joined together in marriage. Go out there and have a safe and happy July 4th!