Sunday, May 18, 2008

Congratulations Danielle & Petros

Yesterday we had the pleasure of providing DJ services for Danielle and Petros' afternoon wedding reception. They are the nicest couple and it's obvious how much they are in love with each other. (I saw her whisper "I love you." to him during their first dance. It was so sweet!) Their reception was small and family oriented, and it gave the newlyweds the chance to spend plenty of time with their guests, which was very nice.

Danielle spent plenty of time on the dance floor, even having some fun dancing with her new Mother-in-Law. We could see that the newlyweds have fantastic relationships with their in-laws. There were also some great sing-alongs with Petros and his fraternity brothers. What a fun group! It's incredible that so many of them flew in from the Northeast for the wedding. You can tell they have a life long bond and really enjoyed spending time together.

It was an unusual drive home for Ferdy and I, as the sun was still out. We so rarely have a Saturday night off that we didn't know what to do with ourselves! Yes, that's the life of a mobile DJ: you're never home on a Saturday, especially a Saturday night. :-) But that's okay, we love what we do!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Congratulations Chantelle & Eric

Last night's wedding reception was a little bit different and a lot of fun! Chantelle and Eric had already gotten married on a cruise ship, which was followed by their honeymoon cruise. So they had been married for 6 days when they arrived at their reception. The newlyweds were relaxed and ready to have a great time without the typical wedding day pressures. They wanted all the interactive party songs, from Cupid Shuffle to YMCA, to The Chicken Dance, and they got them. Chantelle danced all night long!

Also, kudos to the parents and family. They put a great deal of work into making sure the reception was perfect, and they did a great job.

At the reception, we were surprised to see the parents of a past bride, Melanie. Her wedding was in January of 2006. We're happy to hear that Melanie and Paul are doing great! We also were surprised to run into another bride we booked for June of this year. It's amazing how many times we run into people we know while we're working events. We love it!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Welcome to our new blog!

I'm very excited about our new blog. I started this as a way to help us remember the great times we have at events. Ferdy and I always enjoy the ride home, talking about how much fun we had, the songs that made the crowd go wild, the beautiful cake, the gorgeous ballroom, the unique traditions, you name it. So, this blog will serve to remind us of why we love our job!

Past clients, I know how your special day (especially your wedding) goes by in a blur. I hope this will give you some insight into the great time everyone had at your event. Future clients, I hope this little peek into our 'world' will help you see what we can do for you!