Thursday, September 18, 2008

Post Hurricane Ike news

We evacuated for Ike but are now back safely at home. Our house is fine. We just lost our fence and some major tree branches. Unfortunately, we still don't have power. We're in one of those unlucky locations that won't have electricity until after Monday. boo... I really, really miss my A/C, the refrigerator, the microwave, you name it. But our equipment is fine and our business is ready to go!

For those of you who were coming to see us at the upcoming Bridal Symposium at the Reliant Center, it has been canceled. The Reliant has canceled all events for September. I also heard that they still don't have power. So the next big bridal show we'll be in will be the Bridal Extravaganza in January.

We had one wedding reception scheduled to take place on the Saturday that Ike hit. We kept in contact with the Bride and Groom and they've rescheduled their wedding for November. When something like this happens, we just transfer the money already paid to the new event as long as it takes place within the next 90 days. We don't charge transfer fees or cancelation fees or anything like that, since it's nobody's fault. We 're looking forward to them having great weather on their new wedding date!

We hope all of our clients, past, present, and future, came through the hurricane unscathed and are settling back down into a normal life again. And, when we get power and computer access again, I'll be back with more exciting Premium Sound updates!