Sunday, October 31, 2010

Congratulations Fred and Ritchie

This reception was a celebration for a couple who married eight years ago, but wanted a traditional church wedding mass and reception. The whole day was beautiful! The colors were apple green and brown. The chairs had apple green chair
covers and the centerpieces consisted of hurricane lamps over apple green taper candles.

Ritchie was gorgeous in her white strapless gown. It had beaded embellishments on the bodice and almost had a lace type look on the skirt. She wore a lace bolero jacket over top, which she removed later for dancing. She had her hair in a up do with a pretty embelished hairpiece. Ritchie carried a beautiful bouquet of pale green and white hydrangeas and roses. The Maid of Honor wore a brown strapless, floor-length gown, and carried a bouquet of green hydrangeas and roses. The women Sponsors wore apple green floor-length gowns with matching bolero jackets and carried bouquets similar to the Maid of Honor’s. The Flower Girls were so cute in their apple green dresses with brown sashes. Fred was very handsome in a black tux, white vest and tie, and white boutonniere. His Best Man, as well as the male Sponsors, wore green vests and ties with their black tuxes. The Bible, Ring and Cord bearers were so cute in white tuxes.

After the toasts it was time for the cake cutting. The cake was beautiful! It had four, round, stacked, white tiers, each with a brown scroll design running around each, and there were apple green colored flowers on the top and each layer. After the bouquet and garter (the bouquet catcher’s victory dance was so funny!), it was time to party! This group loved it all from Oldies to Line Dances to Swing to Hip Hop to Eighties to everything in between. They were on the dance floor from the first song to the last.

After two straight hours of dancing, the night came to a close and the happy couple made their exit. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

Venue: Hilton Southwest
Photographer: Fashion Folios
Video: In Touch Video
Cake: Cakes Affairs & Culinary Creations
Favors: Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial lotion in apple green favor bags (great idea!)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Congratulations Dan and Carol

This small, family-oriented ceremony and reception were a bit different than our usual, but they were great! They took place in what used to be a restaurant, so it had two levels, and lots of neat décor. There was a built-in dance floor and bar, a pretty fireplace, and plenty of wood paneling. The tables were decorated with purple linens, and high low centerpieces of red, purple, and white flowers.

Carol wore a white floor length dress and carried a bouquet of assorted flowers. Dan was handsome in his tux and red boutonniere. After the ceremony in the adjoining room, the reception took place. Carol and Dan chose to not have any of the traditional formalities. After dinner, it was just family time and fun dancing until the end. We didn’t know what to expect, but this crowd was fun and they all had a great time on the dance floor, singing along as well. They danced to Oldies, 80’s, Disco, Zydeco, Country, Hip Hop, you name it!

As the night wound down, Dan and Carol stayed until end to bid their guests farewell. Congratulations to the Newlyweds and have a great time in New Orleans!

Venue: South Shore Harbour Resort
Flowers: Events n Petals

Monday, October 18, 2010

Congratulations Aaron and Anna

The beautiful sunny day brought us to Casa Mia, the event house at Villa Capri on Clear Lake. Their outside ceremony area is absolutely beautiful, as it’s right on the water with towering trees overhead. The colors for this wedding were black, purple, and silver, and they were so pretty together! The tables had white table cloths, with centerpieces of candles surrounded by purple roses.

Anna was gorgeous in her white, strapless, satin gown with long train. There was heavy beading right at the bust line, which was very pretty. The gown was accented by an elbow-length veil. Anna carried a hand-tied bouquet of purple flowers. Her Bridal Party wore black, satin, knee-length gowns, and carried smaller versions of Anna’s bouquet. Aaron was handsome in his black tux, dark purple vest and tie, and white boutonniere. His Groomsmen wore similar attire but with purple boutonnieres. They all looked great together!

Following dinner, the First Dance, and a bit of open dancing, it was time for the toasts and cake cutting. Anna’s cake had three, round, white, stacked tiers, each accented with black scroll designs and purple edible flowers. Aaron’s cake was a blue Igloo ‘cooler’ filled with Bud Light. It was awesome! After a nice cake cutting with no smashing, it was back to the party.

After the Bouquet and Garter, and plenty more dancing, the night came to an end. These Newlyweds, who obviously adore each other, ran through a shower of petals and jumped in their limo. Congratulations Aaron and Anna, and have a great time on your Las Vegas honeymoon!

Venue: Casa Mia at Villa Capri
Flowers: All That Blooms
Cake: Fiona Bakery
Photography: Edoo Photography

Blog posts now with vendors!

We are now going to add the names of the vendors at the bottom of each event we post. I hope it helps you with your planning!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Congratulations Wilson and Jennifer

This wedding reception took place at Wyndehaven Terrace in Northwest Houston. We love working here because the owners are great and the rooms are beautiful. The colors for the wedding were persimmon (a pretty coral/orange color), champagne, and gold. The tables had white cloths with champagne overlays, and the chairs had white covers with gold ties. The centerpieces alternated between high flowers with candles, and low bud vases with roses. All of them were surrounded by votive candles.

Jennifer was stunning in her long, off-white gown. It was strapless, with beading on the bodice and skirt, and a gorgeous bustle in the back. The skirt had a few long ‘layers’ of lacey looking beading and just sparkled. She wore a pretty veil in her up-do to complete the look. Jennifer carried a beautiful bouquet of roses, hydrangea, and other white flowers, all with crystal accents. Her Bridesmaids wore persimmon colored dresses, and carried bright bouquets of persimmon, orange, fuchsia, and green flowers. Wilson wore a black tux, white vest and tie, all accented by a white boutonniere. His Groomsmen wore the same tux but with black vests and ties, and persimmon colored boutonnieres.

After their entrance and first dance, it was time for dinner. During dinner, they had three different friends come up and sing, one accompanied by her dad playing the guitar, and they were all really good! Then, came the Father/Daughter dance, the Mother/Son dance, and a Grandparents dance. At that point, Wilson changed into a traditional Filipino barong and Jennifer changed into a knee-length champagne colored dress, so they could party!

After a bit of dancing, it was time for the toasts and cake cutting. Jennifer’s cake was so pretty: it had three stacked white layers, with a persimmon band around the bottom of each. The front of the cake had a cherry blossom design with edible gumpaste flowers. Wilson’s cake was cool: it was a football shape, with the Texan’s logo on the front. Then, it was bouquet and garter time. Jennifer gave us all a dance as she got ready to toss the bouquet: she is so funny! Then, Wilson gave Jennifer a dance as he got ready to remove her garter. What a perfect couple! LOL And, oddly enough, it turns out that the bouquet catcher and the garter catcher are a couple. Hmmm…. Are those future wedding bells I hear?

With the formalities done, it was party time until the end. This crowd danced to all types of music from Ballroom waltzes Oldies to Hip Hop to Pop to Country and everything in between. It really was funny when Jennifer got on the mic and sang/rapped to “California Gurls” by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg. The night came to an end and Wilson and Jennifer ran through a shower of bubbles to their new life together. Congratulations and enjoy your honeymoon cruise!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Congratulations Tony and Sarah

We spent this sunny Sunday afternoon at the Olympia Grill on the Strand in Galveston. It was a smaller room than usual for us, but perfect for this more intimate wedding reception. The ceremony itself took place on the beach, so the colors of navy and pink were a nice complement.

The tables had white table cloths, with pretty sheer overlays. The centerpieces consisted of candles in glass vases, nestled in sand. To add to the décor, we had four hot pink uplights in the room, which added a great touch and emphasized their white and pink Japanese lanterns. There was a full-sized candy bar at each place setting, personalized with Tony and Sarah’s monogram. For fun, there were clear cubes on each table with pictures of the couple from childhood to the present. They also had a cool canvas hanging on the wall for the guests to sign. What a cool wedding keepsake!

Sarah wore an amazing white satin dress: it was strapless, cocktail length, and had ribbon tier accents from the top to the bottom. There were also ribbon flowers and beads embellishing the dress. The dress is hard to explain, but it had a vintage feel to it and it was beautiful! Sarah carried a bouquet of white flowers. Her Bridal Party wore a variety of knee-length navy gowns and carried white and pink bouquets. Tony wore a navy suit, white shirt, and pink tie, while his party wore navy pants, white shirts, and light blue ties. They all wore navy blue Keds. Perfect for an afternoon, beach wedding.

After the Tony and Sarah entered the reception, they went right into their first dance. Then it was dinner time. The guests enjoyed a variety of foods including Greek items like spanokapita and hummus. Following the dinner was the toast. It was one of the funniest toasts we’ve ever heard. The toaster wore a pirate eye patch for half of it (who knows, maybe an inside joke) and he had everyone cracking up. Then, it was time for the cake cutting. Tony and Sarah had a variety of cakes and cupcakes. Sarah’s cake was one single pink layer with a navy band around the bottom. Around that were an assortment of cupcakes, and a gluten free dessert for those who wanted it (and it was very good!). Tony’s cake was solid black with a black Batman symbol on top. Of course, this very fun couple had a great time acting up while doing the cake cutting. They were so funny! To top that off all those desserts, the guests got more sweets for dessert, including bite-sized tres leches, a Greek dessert, and others.

The Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance was also fun because the parents didn’t know what song they’d be dancing to. They were out on the dance floor with Tony and Sarah, in a classic slow dance position, and then we played Twist and Shout (planned, of course). The guests were cracking up! If you haven’t figured it out by now, this couple was so crazy and funny and you can’t help but have fun just being around them. After the Bouquet and Garter, in which Tony ‘hiked’ the garter to the guys like a football center, it was party time!

When it came to dancing, this group was a blast. They danced to everything and loved it all; singing along, being goofy (in a good way!) and having fun. Sarah even changed into navy Keds with pink laces so she could do the same. The Newlyweds stayed until the end so they could bid farewell to their guests, and then they headed off to their new life. Congratulations you two. We hope you had as much fun as we did, and Tony, we hope to see you acting on another prime time TV show soon!

Congratulations Gilbert and Nina

This beautiful reception took place at the Hotel Derek. The ballroom looked gorgeous with all the draping, uplighting, and specialty lighting. The whole room had a purple/pink/mauve glow. The colors for the wedding were Berry (dark plum) and sugar Plum (mauve pink).

The tables had floor length berry colored table cloths with champagne colored napkins. The champagne chair covers were tied with berry chair ties. The alternating high/low centerpieces had tall vases with floating candles or lower vases with mauve and plum roses. There were votives scattered around each centerpiece. The ballroom looked amazing: there was a white drape across the front of the room, with eight pink uplights shining up from the bottom. There were two lights on the side of the room directing a floral/vine pattern onto the drape. And, we had eight purple uplights glowing upwards along the walls of the room. It was so pretty! If I haven’t said it enough times before, uplights transform a pretty room into a dramatic one!

Nina was so pretty in her white gown. It had an off the shoulder neckline, a fitted bodice, and a full bustled skirt. She carried a bouquet of mauve and plum roses, each accented with crystals. Her bridesmaids each wore a floor-length berry satin gown with a sugar plum colored sash, and carried a similar bouquet. Gilbert was handsome in his black suit, white shirt, pink tie, and white boutonniere. His Groomsmen wore similar attire, but with pink boutonnieres.

After the introductions of the Entourage (meaning the sponsors, wedding party, and parents) the Bride and Groom had their first dance. Then, it was time for dinner and the guests had quite a treat. One of the Groomsmen played guitar and sang, to warm up the crowd, and then Ira Perez (a well known singer and guitar player in Houston) did a set. To make dinner even better, lechon (a traditional Filipino roast pig) was served. You can’t have a party without it!

After dinner, it was cake cutting time. Nina’s cake had four, stacked, square layers, with elegant accents on each, a berry colored band on the bottom of the tiers, and a white bow on top. Gilbert’s cake was a chocolate Texas shape, with the classic UT clock tower on top. Of course, the Newlyweds got a picture of all the UT alumni in the room around the cake. Following that were the Father/Daughter dance, the Mother/Son dance, and then Gilbert danced with his new Mother-in-law while Nina danced with her new Father-in-law. I must say that it is so obvious how much these families enjoy being with each other, love each other, and have so much fun together!

The Bouquet and Garter were unique tonight: the lucky catcher of the bouquet also got a Victoria’s Secret gift card, and the garter catcher got a Best Buy card. You know they loved that! When the dance floor was open, it was party time! This group danced to everything, even Tango, Cha Cha, Waltz, and Swing (and there were some great dancers). Big hits were also line dances, 80’s, Hip Hop, you name it! We also provided our Party Package, where we give the guests props while dancing, like leis, maracas, hats, etc. At one point, Gilbert was dancing with a tiara on his head and a pink feather boa around his neck. Too funny!

There were a few other unique aspects of the night. There was a photo booth with props set up in the hallway and that was a big hit. There was also a candy buffet of three different types of popular Filipino candies. Everyone loved them! The night wound down to a close and the Newlyweds stayed until the end to wish their guests farewell. Congratulations Nina and Gilbert and enjoy your Las Vegas honeymoon!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Congratulations Adam and Powana

This reception took place at the Petroleum Club downtown, which has an amazing view! And, the coordinators there are amazing: you’re in great hands. The colors for this wedding were orange, pink, and green. (Well, Tennessee orange, to be exact. Adam is a huge Tennessee Vols fan so that color had to be included.)

The tables were covered in floor-length pink tablecloths, and the white chair covers had orange ties. The centerpieces consisted of tall vases with river rocks on the bottom, orange rocks above them, and a beautiful orchid on top. They were surrounded by pink, orange, and green votive candles.

Powana was gorgeous her strapless gown. It had a two-tiered skirt, with breaded/lacey accents. She had a long veil with lace accents on the edge and the combination was beautiful. She carried a bouquet of green orchids. Powana’s Bridesmaids wore long gowns of emerald green satin and carried bouquets of orange and pink flowers. Adam was handsome in his black tux, white vest and white tie. His Groomsmen wore black tuxes and black vests, with green ties. Before entering the reception, they changed into orange ties, to honor Tennessee. (Funny thing: Adam loves Tennessee so much that he had us make an announcement that nobody was to tell him the score of the game because was TIVOing at home and didn’t want it ruined.)

Powana and Adam did their first dance after their introduction, and then it was on to dinner. After dinner, it was cake cutting time. The Bride’s cake had three stacked white tiers, the top and bottom one had icing dots on them. A pink satin ribbon band encircled the bottom of each layer. There were gorgeous green orchids that matched Powana’s bouquet, trailing down the tiers. The cake topper featured a Bride in her gown and a Groom in the Marine Dress Blues. Adam’s cake had a Bride and Groom driving away from their wedding on a motorcycle. Very cute!

The toasts came next, and I must comment on one of the toasts. Powana’s father did a speech, and while it was probably the longest one we’ve ever seen (15 minutes or so) it was also one of the funniest, most heartfelt, and loving as well. You could see how much this father and daughter love each other. Her dad was also genuine in his welcoming Adam to the family. Next came the Father/Daughter dance and the Mother/Son dance, and then it was party time!

After the Bouquet Toss and Garter Removal & Toss, and plenty more dancing, the night wound down to an end. Adam and Powana ran through a shower of rose petals and headed off to their new life together. Congratulations and enjoy your Tennessee (where else?) honeymoon!!