Saturday, June 27, 2009

Congratulations Landon and Amanda

This was one of our more unique receptions, and it was a perfect for the Bride and Groom. The reception was for a Christian couple, held at an Indian restaurant, in the morning/early afternoon, with lots of Spanish music mixed in. How’s that for unique! I loved it. Amanda was not your traditional bride, yet every single part of the day was perfect and a beautiful reflection of the Newlyweds.

The Bride wore a gorgeous wedding gown with white Stephanotis flowers pinned in her hair. There was no Bridal Party, although they had witnesses standing up for them at the altar. The women wore any dress of their choosing, with wrist corsages. Amanda carried a soft pink and white floral bouquet that matched the other flowers. The men at the altar wore suits with pink and white boutonnières, as did the Groom.

The restaurant needed no extra décor, as it was already very pretty. So, there was no need for centerpieces to be brought in. The dinner consisted of three courses and all kinds of Indian food that I can’t even spell or pronounce. :-) The guests loved it all! The wedding cakes were one traditional element of the reception. The Bride’s cake was three-tiered, vanilla with raspberry filling, and a soft pink and white bow on top. The Groom’s cake was two-tiered, chocolate, and accented with strawberries.

After the cake cutting, toasts, and special dances, the dance floor was opened with the Anniversary Dance. (Some of you may know this as the Married Couples Dance. It’s when we invite all married couples to the dance floor and then slowly eliminate them down to the one married the longest. It’s a nice way to recognize long, happy marriages.) The longest married couple has been married for 37 years and shared some words of wisdom to the Newlyweds. The husband was smart, and advised Landon to always get the last words in an argument: “Yes, Dear.” Everyone had a laugh and it was on to party time!

The crowd was a lot of fun, and danced to all genres of music. We didn’t play any Pop, Country, or current Top 40, but everyone still had a great time. The guests danced to Rat Pack, oldies, Salsa, Merengue, Spanish Pop, Reggaeton, and more. The dance floor was overflowing most of the time!

This wedding was a wonderful example of how Brides and Grooms can do things a little outside of the norm, and end up with a wonderful day that matches their personalities and interests. It was an ideal day, full of happiness, and absolutely perfect for this couple that is so much in love.

Amanda and Landon’s honeymoon is one of the coolest I’ve ever heard of. They are going to spend time in Italy and France, and then walk through Spain on a 500 mile pilgrimage. How’s that for awesome! It truly will be a trip to remember.

After the bouquet toss, the afternoon finally came to a close and the Newlyweds headed out under a shower of bubbles. Congratulations to you both and enjoy your honeymoon!

Congratulations Ian and Meghan

For this ceremony and reception, we were at the beautiful Pine Forest Country Club. The colors were pink and sage green, which were perfect for a summer wedding. The alternating high/low centerpieces consisted of assorted pink, green, and white flowers surrounded by candles. The white table cloths added to the summery look (well, and the view of the golf course from the windows did also. :-) Even the favors matched: pink and green Jelly Bellies in little boxes, tied with pink and sage ribbons. Luckily, the events were all held indoors, because the temperature outside was around 100 degrees and it would have been so hot!

Meghan was so beautiful in her gown: it had a full, ball gown skirt with layers of tulle, lightly sprinkled with beaded accents, topped by a beaded bodice. Her long, chapel length veil was gorgeous with its beaded accents that matched the gown's skirt. The bridesmaids all wore sage green gowns and carried pink flowers, as did the Bride. Ian looked handsome in his tux with sage green vest and tie. The groomsmen wore the same and they all looked great!

The ceremony was so sweet and filled with meaning. It’s obvious that Ian and Meghan are very much in love and strong in their faith. Their first kiss was one of the longest ones we’ve ever seen, and the guests loved it! I must mention the soloist, Regan, who played the guitar and sang during the unity candle lighting. She is only 16 years old, and is already amazing! She has an incredible natural talent and I can honestly see her being well known in the music industry some day.

After the special dances, it was time for the toast and cake cutting. The Bride had cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, and they were arranged beautifully. The guests loved the assortment of flavors, and they were a big hit! (Oh, wait, I have to get back to the toasts. I think this wedding won the prize for the most toasts ever. There were nine toasts, and they lasted for over twenty minutes!) It was plain to see that many people love Ian and Megan and wanted to share their wishes for them.

From the first song to the last, everyone was on the dance floor having a great time. From the littlest ones to the oldest, all the guests had fun dancing. There were so many cute little kids at this wedding, and they were all so sweet! This was another reception that proved that you don’t have to have alcohol to have a fun time.

Following the bouquet and garter tosses and the last dance, Ian and Meghan ran through sparklers, jumped in their well-decorated car, and headed off to their new life together. Congratulations Newlyweds and enjoy your honeymoon in the Florida Keys!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Congratulations Keith and Laura

This afternoon wedding reception was the second one for this Bride and Groom. They got married a week earlier in her home state of Kansas, and it was a full, traditional ceremony and reception. This reception was for their friends and family in Texas. Can you imagine how much more relaxed the Newlyweds were at this one? Another added bonus is: Laura got to wear her wedding dress again!

The reception was held at the South Shore Harbour Country Club, which has a beautiful view of the golf course from the wall of windows in the ballroom. The colors of the day were white and blue. The white chair covers had blue chair ties, and the centerpieces were pretty, alternating high/low arrangements of white roses and other flowers, surrounded by candles. Each place setting had a customized white bookmark with Keith and Laura’s names printed in blue. The room was very pretty!

One unusual aspect of this wedding was the Groom’s cake. Instead of a traditional cake, he had mini, custom made cheesecakes, with strawberry sauce to drizzle over the tops. How fun, and who doesn’t love cheesecake?

Finally it was time to dance! Laura, the beautiful bride, got to dance her first Chicken Dance. Welcome to Texas! (I wonder if she thought we were all crazy?) This crowd loved the fun, interactive songs, like Macarena, YMCA, Cha Cha Slide, and Twist and Shout. Sometimes there’s not a lot of dancing at a reception when it’s still light outside, but not this one. I must mention the cutest little girl that was dancing all night. She was three years old and the best dancer ever! She’d follow along with every song, copying everyone’s dance moves. I tell you, that little girl and her bright green painted toenails was just too adorable!

The evening came to a close and Keith and Laura stayed until the end to see their guests off. Congratulations (again) to the Newlyweds!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thank you for your reviews

We just recieved this glowing review from a recent Bride and Groom, and it made our day. It's so nice to be told that the people we work with appreciate the hard work we put into making their day as wonderful as possible. It also inspires us to continue doing the very best we can to make sure our future clients have the same experience. Thank you!

"We truly can't share enough positive comments when it comes to Wendy and Ferdy and Premium Sound DJ. Professional, experienced, thorough, responsive, state of the art equipment, flexible, punctual, warm, friendly and just amazing people to work with. We met them at the very first venue open house we attended on our 15 month wedding planning adventure. We knew immediately that we really liked what they could do for us and how they would do it and we all just clicked right away. They were the first vendor we chose and our easiest and best choice by far!

Ferdy was a genius with the music and lighting. Even though we spent months lining up all of our songs from the ceremony to the last dance at the reception...he already had them all digitally remastered and mixed them like a pro on our day. Even the specific versions of the songs we chose were already in his repertoire. I know he was thinking to himself..."Is that all you got?" every time we gave him a song. There was nothing we threw at him that caught him off his game! Knowing he was taking care of all that for us was GREAT! He was able to keep everyone on the dance floor all night long from 4 year olds to 80 year olds. That isn't easy to do!

Wendy was amazing. Being a former wedding coordinator she really helped us during our entire event by knowing the flow and keeping things moving all the while working with Ferdy too. She did more for us than the actual coordinator at our venue and we really would have been lost without her there. I will say too, she was the ONLY vendor who proactively contacted us through the planning stages to gently remind us of deadlines and info they needed before due dates came and went. No one else did one. During such a crazy time it was so helpful to have her keeping us on track up to and during our wedding all the while still keeping it fun and memorable for us.

The entire experience was completely handled from beginning to end and we knew we didn't have to give anything a second thought when it came to what they were doing for us on our wedding day. All of the hassles and concerns just went away, knowing they were there. We would recommend Wendy and Ferdy to anyone considering a DJ service for their wedding or special event. They are professional yet personal – they even gave us a wedding congratulations card. None of our other vendors did that and what a thoughtful gesture – we were touched. We gave them the highest possible score on our review because they deserve it and we want everyone who reads this to know what a superior job they did for us and I know they would do the same for your event too. You will get amazing music and lighting plus so much more. Thanks Wendy and Ferdy for everything! You guys ROCK! "

Congratulations Richard and Stacey

This wedding reception was held at The Gallery, which is awesome! We’ve never played here before and I fell in love with the venue the minute we walked on to the grounds. The architecture is amazing, the vine-covered walls and patios are beautiful, and the ballroom is unique with its open- to-upstairs dance floor and brick walls. One thing I noticed is that this is the perfect location if you want to do uplights or a custom Gobo. They would look beautiful in this room. Tara, the coordinator is also great to work with. She’s been there for over 2 years and really knows what she’s doing. The Gallery is truly a unique venue in Houston and you should check it out for your wedding.

The colors for today were black and white with aqua accents. Those colors are so pretty, especially for a summer wedding; The Bridesmaids wore aqua dresses, with a wrap style bodice and ruffle trim running down the front of the skirt. They were very cute and very easy to wear again! The chivari chairs were tied with aqua ties, and the white table cloths were covered with sheer white organza overlays embroidered with aqua swirl designs. It was so pretty! Also, there were aqua matches for the sparkler exit. For favors, there were full sized customized Hershey candy bars for each guest.

The dancing was, as usual, a great time for all. This crowd danced to all types of music and they obviously enjoyed themselves. There dance contest between the Maid of Honor and a Groomsmen as they danced to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”. That was funny! Then there was a mini dance floor hoe down to “Ring of Fire”, followed by sing alongs to “I Had the Time of My Life” and “Footloose”. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention all the cute little ones at this reception: a two week old, a five month old, and many more. They were all so adorable!

After the Toasts by the Maid of Honor (who said she was really nervous, but then gave a perfect toast and seemed totally at home talking on a microphone), the Best Man, and a guest with a special message sent long distance from Australia, it was Cake Cutting time. Then, after a bit of dancing, we were on to the Money Dance. We wrapped that up and it was time for the Bouquet and Garter. The Maid of Honor caught the bouquet and the Best Man caught the garter. It’s not often that happens!

Finally the evening came to a close and it was time for Stacey and Richard to make their exit. They ran through sparklers, climbed in their Town Car, and drove away to their new life. Congratulations to the Newylweds!

Congratulations Cody and Andrea

This outdoor ceremony and indoor reception was held at the beautiful Courtyard on St. James. It was hot out there but luckily, it cooled down in time for the evening ceremony. The wedding featured a black/white/fuchsia theme, with Celtic/Welsh accents to honor the Groom’s heritage. They tied it in to the day in multiple ways.

Andrea wore a beautiful white gown with pick-up skirt that had a black sash, accented with a black and white Celtic plaid. The Bridesmaids wore gorgeous strapless fuchsia gowns with pick-up skirts, and the Groomsmen wore fuchsia rose boutonnieres. The Bride’s white cake was 3-tired, with black fondant accents on each layer, mimicking a Celtic plaid. The large black fondant bow on the middle layer featured a beautiful brooch in the middle. Cody and his Groomsmen wore kilts – cool! (And no, I didn’t ask what they wore underneath. Ha ha) The silver Groom’s cake had his family crest and was on a Celtic plaid base.

The favors matched because the white boxes had a black Celtic design on the top and were tied with a fuchsia bow. Even the centerpieces tied in with the colors and theme, with pink flowers in alternating high/low vases, tied with black bows. It all came together beautifully and was just the right amount of Celtic accents to tie it all together without being too much.

Following dinner, the cake cutting, toasts, and the special dances, it was time for the dancing to begin. This crowd danced to everything, from Oldies to Country to Pop to Hip Hop to you name it! I can’t forget to mention the three guys who were doing a break dance/hip hop dance-off on the floor. Or, the guy doing an Elvis impersonation. Or Andrea’s dad, who is quite the dancer! We saw him do a Riverdance type jig, the Robot, the Running Man, and a few more dances. He was so funny: I see where Andrea gets it from. It always helps when the Bride and Groom are big dancers (the Bride was in this case, I swear she’s always dancing! Cutting the cake, greeting guests… If there’s a song playing, she’s dancing.) Their love for dancing is contagious and it always encourages everyone in the room to join in. The last 45 minutes or so on the dance floor were crazy wild and fun!!

This was another wedding where I saw someone I knew in the crowd. For the 4th largest city in the country, it’s amazing how often we see people we know, at weddings halfway across town. It’s especially odd considering the fact that we never knew the Bride and Groom before we booked them to do their wedding. Small world!

After the bouquet and garter, and a lot more fun dancing, the Newlyweds ran through a shower of rose petals, jumped in the limo, and headed off to their new life together. Congratulations!