Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Congratulations Marco and Jillian

This was an extra special wedding for us, as we had DJ’d Jillian’s sister’s wedding five months ago.  It’s always nice to see a past bride and groom and their family again.  There was a unique aspect to the wedding itself, as Marco and Jillian did a balloon ceremony instead of a unity candle or sand ceremony.  They started with two individual balloons and during the ceremony they tied them together.  When they made their exit at the end of the night, they released the balloons.  

 There were a few other unique details at this wedding as well.  They had a   They had a large initial for the guests to sign instead of a guestbook.  And for favors, they had a custom decorated cookie at each place setting.
cookie and cocoa bar for the guests to enjoy hot cocoa and take home a bag of cookies.

The colors for this day were plum and charcoal and they were carried out beautifully.  The tables had floor length plum tablecloths with alternating candle and floral centerpieces.  The chairs had grey satin covers with plum ties.  To tie in with the colors, we had purple Uplights highlighting the room.  We also had a GOBO monogram of the couple’s names and wedding date projected on the wall behind their sweetheart table. 

After the entrance, the special dances and dinner, we moved on to the toasts and cake cutting.  Jillian’s cake had three white stacked tiers with a plum colored band around the middle tier.  Marco’s cake was shaped exactly like an Xbox – it was cool!  We then started the dancing with the Anniversary Dance.  The longest married couple in the room had been married 43 years and their words of advice were “give in” to the other person.  LOL   The dancing continued until we stopped for the Bouquet and Garter.  Then it was back to the dancing until the Last Dance.  Jillian and Marco enjoyed the Last Dance before they ran through two lines of sparklers, released their balloons and headed off to their new life together.  Congratulations Marco and Jillian!

Venue: South Shore Harbour Country Club
Photography: LA Photography
Bride’s Cake: Cakes by Gina
Cookies: Cakes by Jula

Monday, December 15, 2014

Great Party with Rentech Nitrogen

This holiday party showed how much the company truly appreciates their workers.  They had a great party complete with us playing the music and our photo booth, a roving photographer who also took posed shots of the couples, casino tables, an open bar, a delicious buffet, and plenty of door prizes.  For the grand prize, they gave away a large LCD flat screen TV!  It’s so nice to see a company give back to their employees, especially during these economic times.  It's also great to see all the employees having fun together.  Thanks Rentech Nitrogen!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wedding Cake Flavors Overload

Here are some great tips on wedding cake flavors from Kayla Knight Cakes www.KaylaKnightCakes.com

"Stick to one basic flavor for the bride's cake and if you have a groom's cake you can do something a little more unique or taste specific.  By choosing a traditional white cake or maybe a yellow or spice the majority of guests will enjoy it.  Punch it up with a yummy fruit filling and you are good to go!  Use your groom's cake to be the cake with the more taste specific flavors, like a black forest or red velvet cake.  There aren't as many servings, so you aren't wasting cake that goes uneaten.  Plus, guests still have the more basic bride's cake to choose from as well.  

But what about having each tier a different flavor?  Well, a bride can certainly do that, but I personally don't recommend it.  When the cake is cut they begin at the top and serve the entire top tier.  Then, we move onto the second tier and serve that and so forth.  Therefore, your guests will not actually get to choose what flavor they want.  They are served whatever tier is being cut at the time they are in line.  Not to mention, the top tiers will only serve a few people, so just a handful of people will get certain flavors while others are left to the larger tiers.  When guests see another guest walking around with a different flavor sometimes it causes guests to go back for seconds to sample that new flavor, and there is a possibility that you can run out of cake.  Or, what if that flavor is gone?  So disappointing. 

All that to say, I personally recommend only serving one flavor per cake to keep things simple and your guests happy.  Too many flavors can cause confusion and chaos at the cake table."