Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Have a safe and fun halloween!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank you for the compliments!

We just received the following letter from a recent Bride and Groom. It always means so much to us. Thank you!

Absolutely, hands down, one of the best wedding decisions I made, if not the best, was to have y’all as our DJs. I got so many compliments after seeing how professional you were and how you directed everything so smoothly. The only bad thing now is that everyone in my family compares how great you were with other cousins’ weddings. I was very pleased with how Wendy made everything coordinate perfectly with the restaurant. Ferdy was amazing spinning very appropriate and fun tunes that everybody danced to. I cannot say enough to describe how great you are. Thank you and God bless.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Congratulations Justin and Loren

This reception was absolutely gorgeous! From the eggplant (dark purple) tablecloths to the purple uplights to the amazing cake to the ice sculpture to the flowers to the ballroom to the Bride and Groom to everything! The reception was held in a church hall, but not the old style hall you normally think of, with an open kitchen, brown paneling, and brown brick walls. Not this room. It had beautiful solid wood floors, high ceilings with gorgeous open beams, and a curved staircase in the front entry.

Loren was stunning. She wore an off white strapless gown that was breathtaking. I can’t describe how beautiful it was, but the bodice was embellished with beading and rhinestones, as was the under layer of the skirt. The skirt had pleating on the bottom that ended in a ruffle. There was pleating on the top of the bodice as well. The details on the skirt really showed when it was bustled. Her Bridesmaids wore eggplant long gowns, and they all had rhinestones in their hair to match Loren’s. Justin and his men looked so handsome in their tuxes. While he wore a white vest and tie, the guys all wore eggplant vests and ties. They all looked great!

As mentioned, the color of this wedding was eggplant, and it was so elegant. Actually, elegant could describe the whole reception. The tables had eggplant tablecloths with pick ups held by pretty rhinestone clips. The chairs were a sight to behold! They had white covers, with eggplant toppers. The toppers had scalloped edges and beautiful rhinestone pins holding draped rhinestone ‘chains’. The bottom of the white chair covers had splits which opened to reveal eggplant fabric underneath. We’ve never seen anything like it.

The tables were topped by alternating high/low centerpieces of assorted flowers in glass vases. The flowers included hydrangea, dark purple flowers (sorry, I don’t know my flowers), and gold/orange colored roses. They looked gorgeous together! The shorter vases had a white ribbon around them with a rhinestone pin on the front.

Once again I must mention uplights. At this reception, there were 3 uplights along each side wall, and 2 uplights on the wall behind the dance floor. They really accent a room by pulling in the wedding colors, and they make it look so pretty and upscale. As a bonus, you can dim the house lights more, and the uplights give the whole room a more elegant feel.

The Bride’s cake was gorgeous! It had 4 stacked tiers, all in different shapes. All were white with assorted designs, and each featured silver accents. The second to top tier had a rhinestone fleur-de-lis brooch on the front and the top tier featured a silver rhinestone initial. The Groom’s cake was chocolate with a fleur-de-lis on top which matched the fleur-de-lis ice sculpture. I thought, “Surely these cakes made by one of the top bakeries in Houston” because they were so beautiful. It turns out, the groom’s sister made them. And no, she doesn’t own a bakery. Amazing! Before the cake cutting, there was a cake pull. There were 12 ladies involved and each pulled a charm which foretold their future, from wealth to career success to love.

After dinner and the special dances, it was time for dancing. Following that was the Money Dance, which got a big response. Then, on to the bouquet and garter. The single ladies danced through the whole thing! The garter removal was hilarious when Justin went under Loren’s gown and pulled out a huge pair of granny panties. (They weren’t hers: Loren is tiny!)

Finally, it was time for the Newlyweds to leave. They ran through sparklers and headed off to their new life together. Congratulations Justin and Loren!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Congratulations Steve and Delores

What a perfect fall reception! What made it even better was that the first cold front of the year blew in the day before, so there was nice, cool fall weather. The colors were truffle (chocolate brown), burnt orange, and golden yellow. They were perfect for the fall season. If you are ever on the fence about having a fall colored wedding, this one would make you say, “I love it!!”

Delores looked beautiful in her white off the shoulder gown. She carried a bouquet of mixed fall flowers tied with a brown satin ribbon. The Bridesmaids wore brown satin floor length gowns in various styles and also carried fall floral bouquets. Steve wore a black suit with a fall floral boutonniere and his Groomsmen matched. The flower girls wore white gowns with brown sashes. Everyone matched perfectly and looked great!

Let me talk about all the accents of color throughout the reception. The tables were topped with little tin pails wrapped in a lone brown satin ribbon, filled with flowers of assorted fall colors. Surrounding each were small candles and miniature pumpkins. The chairs had brown chair ties over the covers. There were also pumpkins here and there for d├ęcor as well as pumpkins and flowers on the stage. They even had a pumpkin custom-carved with the newlywed’s silhouette surrounded by hearts and vines. There was also a candy buffet with assorted candies in brown woven baskets. The candy even matched the fall colors with M&Ms, candy corn, and others.

One really fun thing at this reception was a photo booth. With this photo booth, the guests immediately got their photos, and another copy went onto a page of scrapbook paper for an album later. Each guest got to write their wishes for the newlyweds on the page next to their photos. The guests loved it and it surely will be treasured by the Newlyweds for years to come.

After dinner and the toast, it was time to move on to the cake cutting. The Bride’s cake was beautiful: five white stacked tiers with edible flowers on each. It was so pretty and elegant! Atop the cake was a miniature edible fondant Bride and Groom. One was a donkey and one was an elephant. It turns out that Delores and Steve met at a political function and Democrat/Republican love followed. To top that, the Groom’s cake was awesome! It was a donkey and elephant facing each other, both in red, white and blue.

After bouquet toss (Delores has quite a throwing arm!) and more fun dancing, it was time to go. The Newlyweds stayed until the end of the reception to spend time with their guests, but finally climbed in their car and drove off to their new life together. Congratulations Steve and Delores!!