Friday, December 25, 2009

Congratulations Jon and Meredith

This reception took place at the beautiful Wyndehaven Terrace on Cutten Road. If you’ve never been there, you should check it out! It’s really gorgeous. The colors for the wedding were royal blue and silver and they were tied in with a winter theme. The tables had white cloths with silver chargers. The white chair covers were tied with royal blue ties. There were alternating high/low centerpieces of assorted white flowers surrounded by candles. There were silver and blue ornaments scattered around the base of the centerpieces as well. It was so pretty!

Meredith was beautiful in her strapless white gown. It had just the right of elegant embellishments and was gorgeous. She carried a bouquet of assorted white roses tied with a royal blue satin ribbon. Her Bridesmaids wore long royal blue gowns and carried white rose bouquets tied with white ribbons. Jon looked very handsome in his black tux with silver tux and tie. I loved his black and white shoes (I don’t know what they’re called, but they look like what they wore in the 40’s. They were very cool!). Jon’s Groomsmen all wore royal blue vests and ties. The whole Bridal Party looked awesome together!

After dinner, the first dance, father/daughter dance (the song was picked by Meredith’s dad and was a surprise to her), and the mother/son dance, the party was underway. This crowd danced from the first song to the last, and was a lot of fun!

The white three-tiered, square, fondant wedding cake had white designs on each layer, with a royal blue fondant ribbon at the base of each. There were a few elegant white edible flowers on each tier, and the cake was topped with a silver initial. Jon’s cake was pretty cool: it was a royal blue San Diego Chargers jersey with his last name on it. The cake cutting was hilarious! Jon and Meredith both smashed the cake in each other’s faces, and everyone got a good laugh out of it. Luckily, I happened to get a picture of it.

Following more dancing (a lot of dancing!) and fun, it was time for the bouquet and garter. The bouquet toss had the largest group of ladies I’ve seen in a long time. The garter toss was funny when the guy who caught it ran a victory lap around the dance floor.

Sadly, the night came to a close and Meredith and Jon ran though a shower of bubbles and off to their new life together. Congratulations Cookie Bear and Little Angel

Congratulations Serge and Kasia

This wedding featured the colors of white, silver, and blue, which are so pretty in the winter. There were white table cloths, white satin chair covers, and light blue chair ties. The tables had centerpieces of white and blue gladiolas in a tall vase. Each place setting had a silver charger topped with a white napkin holding a favor for each guest. The favors were nice square glass coasters with a thank you note inside. They were tied in an organza bag with Belgium chocolates. You know everyone will love those!

Kasia (isn’t that a beautiful name?) looked so pretty in her white strapless gown. It was embellished all over with detailing and glittering beading. Her elbow length veil matched with its beaded edge. She carried a bouquet of assorted white/ivory/antique white flowers. Her Bridesmaids wore floor length gowns in a pretty shade of soft medium blue and carried similar flowers with soft pink accents. Serge looked so handsome in his black tux and shirt with grey tie. He wore a white boutonniere. His groomsmen wore similar attire except their ties were white.

After a seated meal, it was on to the special dances. Following more dancing was the toasts. After a very funny toast by Serge’s brother, including the now famous line, “Dang, I’m fine!” It was on to the cake cutting. Their white, three-tiered cake had different designs on each layer, and was topped with a white fondant bow. It was very elegant. No smashing was involved, and then back to the party.

A neat aspect about this wedding was the mix of families and guests. The Groom is African and the Bride is Polish. Some guests flew in from out of the country to attend, from as far as Switzerland and the Republic of Congo in Central Africa! It was so nice to see such a variety of people talking and laughing and dancing and enjoying each other so much. It was obvious how much everyone really, truly loved being together. The families were just so welcoming to each other.

After the bouquet and garter and more dancing, the evening came to an end. Serge and Kashia bid farewell to their guests and headed off to their new life as a married couple. Congratulations!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of you a happy and safe Christmas. We look forward to working with you in 2010!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Party with us on New Year's Eve!!

New Year's Eve we will be performing at Kiran's Restaurant. They will have 3 dinner seatings and the last one stays to party until 1:00 am. Party favors and a champagne toast at midnight are included. We'll be providing the dinner and party music. It will be fun!!

For more information, call Kiran's at 713-960-8472, or check out their website at

Come party with us!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Help a senior citizen for the holidays

At the Walmart by my house, they have a tree decorated with names of seniors in nursing homes who would like a few things for Christmas. Most of them asked for things such as blankets, slipper socks. lotion, a toothbrush (yes, one needed a toothbrush). They need only the basics. What bothered me is that the tree still had 20 names left, and the sign said they'd start picking up the gifts to deliver in 2 days. Which means that some seniors may not get anything at all.

Please go get a name and buy some necessities to those nursing home seniors! I bought a very nice, soft blanket, two pairs of slipper socks, and lotion, and only paid $35.00. Surely some of you can do that. If you can't, please pass this on and hopefully all those names will get chosen and all the seniors will get something nice for Christmas.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Congratulations Handy and Donna

This elegant ceremony and reception took place at The Houstonian, and if you haven’t seen it decorated for Christmas, you really need to, it's gorgeous! The colors for this wedding were brown and gold with pink accents, and they looked so nice in the ballrooms. The Bride wore a gorgeous pale ivory strapless gown and sheer elbow length gloves, and carried a bouquet of ivory roses and hydrangeas with pink accents. The Bridesmaids wore floor length chocolate brown strapless gowns and carried pink bouquets with ivory accents. Handy was handsome in his black tux with white tie and ivory boutonniere. His Groomsmen wore the same but with pink boutonnieres. The ceremony had beautiful ivory floral arrangements with pink accents on the aisles as well as at the altar, and had candles in large vases.

The reception room was also beautiful, with floor-length brown pin tuck table cloths with ivory/gold colored chair covers. The tables had alternating center pieces of multi level candles or ivory floral arrangements. Each place setting had a long slim brown box tied with a gold ribbon. Each favor box held a pair of chopsticks and a thank you note from the families.

There were a lot of unique aspects to this reception, thanks to the hard work of many families and friends. First, Handy and Donna serenaded their guests with a duet after they were introduced into the room. Then, they had two friends act as MCs throughout the event. Special dedications and performances by friends to the Bride and Groom included singing to a keyboard and guitar, a surprise slide show, a duet with a guitar player, and another slide show. Later, some friends did a Salsa dance dedicated to the Newlyweds. I think there must have been at least 15 people involved in these dedications, in one way or another. And, people put in a great deal of work as far as the timeline, script, and order of events, which shows how much they care about the Bride and Groom. What a talented bunch, and a great group of friends!

After dinner, visiting tables, and the performances, it was time for the cake cutting. The three-tiered ivory cake was beautiful, with different designs on each layer, and an ivory fondant bow on top. Handy and Donna fed each other, and then each fed some cake to their parents as a symbol of gratitude and respect. It was such a nice honor. Then, it was on to the toasts and the first dance. At last, the dance floor was open and it was party time!

Following the bouquet and garter, and a few words from Donna and Handy, the Newlyweds left for their new and beautiful life together. Congratulations!

Congratulations Steven and Rebecca

This ceremony and reception were held the day after the “big” snow in Houston, so we had nice cold weather. It was perfect for this wedding with the colors of white, silver and black. The room had white table cloths with white chair covers and white napkins. The centerpiece on the head table had tall silver branches with crystals hanging from them. It looked like a winter wonderland. The other tables had white floating candles with white and silver sea shells. They looked like a Texas winter wonderland. It was all pretty and fit the weather to a T.

Rebecca looked so pretty in her white gown. It had a lace overlay, with lace tiers on the skirt. She carried a beautiful bouquet of white roses and stephanotis, tied with a white satin ribbon. The Bridesmaids wore cocktail length black gowns and carried white calla lilies tied with white ribbons. Steven looked so handsome in his black tux, grey vest, and white calla lily boutonniere. The Groomsmen all wore matching attire.

The ceremony was unique in that the Bride chose Native American flute music for the prelude to reflect her heritage. Then, more traditional music was played for the ceremony. The reception was a mix of all kinds of music, from oldies to current to everything in between. Something really fun we played during the dinner hour, per the Bride and Groom’s request, was music by Richard Cheese. He does lounge versions of popular songs such as Baby Got Back, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and Bust A Move. The music is really good and it takes you a minute to realize what song you’re listening to.

After dinner, the special dances, and the toasts, it was time for the cake cutting. The Bride’s cake was so unique I don’t know if I can describe it, but it was really pretty! It had four, white, stacked tiers, with silver dots, and a silver ribbon at the base of each. The shape is what made it unusual. It wasn’t oval, but like an oval with curves on each side. That didn’t make any sense, but it was so elegant. The rhinestone initial on the top was the perfect accent for this pretty cake. The Groom’s cake was also unique. I don’t know if I can describe the cake shape either, but it was six-sided (a hexagon?) and it was taller at the back and shorter at the front. It was cool. And it was all smooth chocolate, with on the word “Keepsies” on the top in lighter chocolate fondant. Apparently, that’s a word Steven often says to Rebecca. How sweet!

After the bouquet and garter, and plenty more dancing (including a guy who was a great dancer and entertained the crowd, and a boy break dancing and standing on his head), it was finally time for these really fun Newlyweds to make their exit. Off in the elevator they went, to their new life together. Congratulations and enjoy your honeymoon in Jamaica!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Congratulations Jason and Virginia

The colors for this fall/winter wedding were ruby red, chocolate brown and champagne. They looked so elegant and were perfect for the cool weather. And they looked so pretty in the ballroom of the Petroleum Club. The tables were topped with dark red rose centerpieces with candles scattered around. The head table had no flowers, just candles galore. It was so pretty! To add to the look we had two red uplights highlighting the head table and that really made the room look gorgeous!

Other details I noticed were the photos and the favors. Normally you see a few photos on the sign in table, but this couple did it differently. They had about 25 photos of them at all ages, and they were displayed on two long tables covered in candles. It looked so pretty and actually added an accent to the room. There were custom made magnets at each place setting with the Newlywed’s picture on a black scroll background. They even matched the design on the Bride’s cake.

Virginia looked so beautiful in her white strapless gown with full, tulle-topped skirt. The bodice had beading and embellishments and featured a tulle band at the top, and the skirt had a bit of beading to match. With her up-do and thin headband tiara, she looked so elegant. Virginia’s bouquet had dark red roses with white rose accents. The Bridesmaids wore brown floor length dresses and carried dark red bouquets with white and brown ribbon accents. Jason looked handsome in his tux with white vest and tie. His Groomsmen wore tuxes to match, with brown vests and dark red boutonnieres. Jason had two women standing up on his side, which is becoming more common, and they wore taupe cocktail length dresses that matched the wedding colors, with dark red rose corsages. It all came together nicely!

After dinner, the dancing started out with the Grand March (see post below to learn about it). That lead into the First Dance and Father/Daughter/Mother/Son dance, and party time began! This was another great crowd that loved to dance and have fun. They danced to everything from Country to Polka to Hip Hop to everything in between.

After a bit of dancing, it was time for the cake cutting. The Bride’s cake had four white stacked tiers with chocolate scrolls on each. It was topped by red roses. Jason’s cake was two stacked books and they almost looked real! The top one was Atlas Shrugged (I admit it, I never did make it through that whole book, kudos to anyone who did!) and the bottom one said Quantum Physics. That cake was awesome! The toasts followed, and the Anniversary Dance started the dancing again. The longest married couple was married 51 years, and after they shared some words of advice to the Newlyweds, it was back to the party.

Following the bouquet and garter and more dancing fun (including overtime, this crowd didn’t want to stop!) it was finally time for Virginia and Jason to make their exit. They ran through a shower of rose petals and ringing bells, and headed off to their new life together. Congratulations Jason and Virginia!

What is the Grand March?

The Grand March is not the introduction of the Bridal Party into the room. That’s the entrance. The Grand March is a tradition in Czech, Polish, German, and other cultures. There is a particular Polka song played and a couple leads the guests through the dance. They dancers are in two lines, one of men and one of women, and they are lead around the room, sometimes crossing each other, sometimes coming alongside each other, and sometimes on opposite sides of the room. At one point, the two lines end up next to each other, making an arch for the following people to walk through. It’s a really cool thing to watch! At the end of the Grand March, all the guests are in circles on the dance floor and the Bride and Groom are inside the innermost circle. Then, they begin their first dance. The Grand March is really fun to watch or participate in!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Congratulations Jeff and Celeste

This reception took place at the Historic Magnolia Ballroom downtown, which is so pretty! And, the Bride and Groom chose colors that matched the room beautifully. The colors of the day were light sage green and gold, which made the reception even prettier. Celeste wore a gorgeous, elegant gown with a lace overlay and a light taupe sash, and she carried flowers in assorted fall colors such as yellow, orange, and dark red. The Bridesmaids wore strapless cocktail length gowns of sage green with lighter sage green sashes, and they carried bouquets of yellow flowers. The little Flower Girls were adorable in their matching dresses (and they were on the dance floor all night long!) The Groomsmen matched the wedding colors by wearing sage ties and yellow boutonnieres.

The tables had gold floor length tablecloths topped with floral centerpieces surrounded by candles. There were even gold chivari chairs to pull it all together. The really cool thing was the favors at each place setting: individually wrapped candy apples, with a personalized ribbon tied on the stick. They were so cool!

After mariachis, dinner, and the special dances, it was time for dancing to begin. This crowd was fun: dancing from the very first song! They liked everything from pop to country to oldies to hip hop to Motown to Spanish. At one point, a guy did the Snake on the dance floor, which is always a big hit. What a great crowd!

The Bride’s white three tiered cake was so pretty, with white scroll designs and sage colored fondant ‘ribbons’ at the bottom of each tier. Jeff’s cake let us all know his hobby: it was a pair of golf shoes. It was so well done that from a distance, you would think they were real (but very, very big!). They did the cake feeding nicely, no smashed cake here. After a very sweet toast and a few words from Jeff, it was back to dancing time.

After the bouquet toss (no garter for this couple), and more dancing, it was time for the evening to end. Celeste and Jeff ran through a shower of bubbles and headed off to their new life together, in a horse drawn carriage. Congratulations to the Newlyweds!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Have a safe and fun halloween!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank you for the compliments!

We just received the following letter from a recent Bride and Groom. It always means so much to us. Thank you!

Absolutely, hands down, one of the best wedding decisions I made, if not the best, was to have y’all as our DJs. I got so many compliments after seeing how professional you were and how you directed everything so smoothly. The only bad thing now is that everyone in my family compares how great you were with other cousins’ weddings. I was very pleased with how Wendy made everything coordinate perfectly with the restaurant. Ferdy was amazing spinning very appropriate and fun tunes that everybody danced to. I cannot say enough to describe how great you are. Thank you and God bless.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Congratulations Justin and Loren

This reception was absolutely gorgeous! From the eggplant (dark purple) tablecloths to the purple uplights to the amazing cake to the ice sculpture to the flowers to the ballroom to the Bride and Groom to everything! The reception was held in a church hall, but not the old style hall you normally think of, with an open kitchen, brown paneling, and brown brick walls. Not this room. It had beautiful solid wood floors, high ceilings with gorgeous open beams, and a curved staircase in the front entry.

Loren was stunning. She wore an off white strapless gown that was breathtaking. I can’t describe how beautiful it was, but the bodice was embellished with beading and rhinestones, as was the under layer of the skirt. The skirt had pleating on the bottom that ended in a ruffle. There was pleating on the top of the bodice as well. The details on the skirt really showed when it was bustled. Her Bridesmaids wore eggplant long gowns, and they all had rhinestones in their hair to match Loren’s. Justin and his men looked so handsome in their tuxes. While he wore a white vest and tie, the guys all wore eggplant vests and ties. They all looked great!

As mentioned, the color of this wedding was eggplant, and it was so elegant. Actually, elegant could describe the whole reception. The tables had eggplant tablecloths with pick ups held by pretty rhinestone clips. The chairs were a sight to behold! They had white covers, with eggplant toppers. The toppers had scalloped edges and beautiful rhinestone pins holding draped rhinestone ‘chains’. The bottom of the white chair covers had splits which opened to reveal eggplant fabric underneath. We’ve never seen anything like it.

The tables were topped by alternating high/low centerpieces of assorted flowers in glass vases. The flowers included hydrangea, dark purple flowers (sorry, I don’t know my flowers), and gold/orange colored roses. They looked gorgeous together! The shorter vases had a white ribbon around them with a rhinestone pin on the front.

Once again I must mention uplights. At this reception, there were 3 uplights along each side wall, and 2 uplights on the wall behind the dance floor. They really accent a room by pulling in the wedding colors, and they make it look so pretty and upscale. As a bonus, you can dim the house lights more, and the uplights give the whole room a more elegant feel.

The Bride’s cake was gorgeous! It had 4 stacked tiers, all in different shapes. All were white with assorted designs, and each featured silver accents. The second to top tier had a rhinestone fleur-de-lis brooch on the front and the top tier featured a silver rhinestone initial. The Groom’s cake was chocolate with a fleur-de-lis on top which matched the fleur-de-lis ice sculpture. I thought, “Surely these cakes made by one of the top bakeries in Houston” because they were so beautiful. It turns out, the groom’s sister made them. And no, she doesn’t own a bakery. Amazing! Before the cake cutting, there was a cake pull. There were 12 ladies involved and each pulled a charm which foretold their future, from wealth to career success to love.

After dinner and the special dances, it was time for dancing. Following that was the Money Dance, which got a big response. Then, on to the bouquet and garter. The single ladies danced through the whole thing! The garter removal was hilarious when Justin went under Loren’s gown and pulled out a huge pair of granny panties. (They weren’t hers: Loren is tiny!)

Finally, it was time for the Newlyweds to leave. They ran through sparklers and headed off to their new life together. Congratulations Justin and Loren!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Congratulations Steve and Delores

What a perfect fall reception! What made it even better was that the first cold front of the year blew in the day before, so there was nice, cool fall weather. The colors were truffle (chocolate brown), burnt orange, and golden yellow. They were perfect for the fall season. If you are ever on the fence about having a fall colored wedding, this one would make you say, “I love it!!”

Delores looked beautiful in her white off the shoulder gown. She carried a bouquet of mixed fall flowers tied with a brown satin ribbon. The Bridesmaids wore brown satin floor length gowns in various styles and also carried fall floral bouquets. Steve wore a black suit with a fall floral boutonniere and his Groomsmen matched. The flower girls wore white gowns with brown sashes. Everyone matched perfectly and looked great!

Let me talk about all the accents of color throughout the reception. The tables were topped with little tin pails wrapped in a lone brown satin ribbon, filled with flowers of assorted fall colors. Surrounding each were small candles and miniature pumpkins. The chairs had brown chair ties over the covers. There were also pumpkins here and there for décor as well as pumpkins and flowers on the stage. They even had a pumpkin custom-carved with the newlywed’s silhouette surrounded by hearts and vines. There was also a candy buffet with assorted candies in brown woven baskets. The candy even matched the fall colors with M&Ms, candy corn, and others.

One really fun thing at this reception was a photo booth. With this photo booth, the guests immediately got their photos, and another copy went onto a page of scrapbook paper for an album later. Each guest got to write their wishes for the newlyweds on the page next to their photos. The guests loved it and it surely will be treasured by the Newlyweds for years to come.

After dinner and the toast, it was time to move on to the cake cutting. The Bride’s cake was beautiful: five white stacked tiers with edible flowers on each. It was so pretty and elegant! Atop the cake was a miniature edible fondant Bride and Groom. One was a donkey and one was an elephant. It turns out that Delores and Steve met at a political function and Democrat/Republican love followed. To top that, the Groom’s cake was awesome! It was a donkey and elephant facing each other, both in red, white and blue.

After bouquet toss (Delores has quite a throwing arm!) and more fun dancing, it was time to go. The Newlyweds stayed until the end of the reception to spend time with their guests, but finally climbed in their car and drove off to their new life together. Congratulations Steve and Delores!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Congratulations Josh and Brandy

This afternoon reception was so sunny and pretty! It was held at a venue with a wall of windows overlooking the water, and on a gorgeous day. The colors were white and turquoise, which brought the feel of the water into the ballroom. The flowers were so gorgeous! Each table had a tall arrangement of white hydrangeas, white calla lilies, and curly willow. Surrounding each were pink roses in small vases and white candles. The tables had white table cloths with turquoise runners, and the chairs had white covers with turquoise ties. There were even matching, white personalized boxes of mints at each place setting.

Brandy looked so gorgeous in her white, strapless gown. It had a simple satin bodice with heavy beading at the top edge. The skirt was full with pretty pick-ups. What really made the whole outfit was the beautiful necklace Brandy was wearing. It had white pearls looping twice around the neck, and the two ends hang down her back, almost touching her gown. The ends were accented in pearls and sparkling rhinestones. Since Brandy wore her hair up, the necklace really showed off the back of the gown, which also had beading at the top. Brandy carried a pretty bouquet of white roses and stephanotis. Her bridesmaids wore pretty, summery tea-length turquoise gowns with soft chiffon skirts. They all looked great in the strapless style. They carried white calla lilies that were hand tied with white and turquoise ribbon. Not to be outdone, Josh and his groomsmen looked quite handsome in their black tuxes, turquoise vests and ties, and white boutonnieres.

And now for the first dance. You can tell that Josh and Brandy spent some time practicing for that! They made a mix of songs, starting with a slow one “Me and You”, and then it sounded like it skipped, then on to the song “Jump on It” (Apache), then “Ice Ice Baby”, then “Thriller” then many more. It was great and the guests loved it!! After that show stopper, it was on to the Father/Daughter dance, the Mother/Son dance, the Money Dance, then party time!

After a bit of dancing, it was time for the cake cutting. The Bride’s white cake was so pretty, with five stacked tiers featuring white floral gum paste accents on each. Josh’s cake was awesome! It had three tiers of chocolate cake stacked up to look like a mountain covered in rocks, and there was a Jeep climbing up it. The Jeep’s license plate said, “Just Married.” That cake rocked! (ha ha get it?)

When it came time for the bouquet and garter, Brandy did something a bit different. After tossing her bouquet to the single women, she then did a teddy bear toss for the younger girls. They loved it!

Finally, after lots of partying, shots, and fun, it was time for the exit. Josh and Brandy ran through a cloud of bubbles, jumped into their limo, and took off for their honeymoon. Congratulations to this fun and really nice couple!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Letters... we get letters

This week we received two more thank you cards in the mail from recent Brides and Grooms. We want to thank all of you who take your time to send them to us. It means more than you can possibly imagine!

Dear Ferdinand and Wendy,
Thank you so much for your blessing and your wonderful services! We can't express enough how grateful we are to have had you perform the ceremony and DJ at the reception for us with such professionalism and personality! Thank you for making our special day that much more special!
Andrea and Cody

Dear Ferdy and Wendy,
Thank you for your encouragement and support. You both made such a wonderful team, and we felt very blessed to have you as our DJs. Wendy, the reception progressed so smoothly with your announcements, and Ferdy, we loved the music being fun and yet still with a touch of elegance. Thank you both for your time and efforts in making our wedding day memorable.
All our love,
Brandon and Krystle

Monday, August 31, 2009

Closing Ceremony

Last night we had the privilege of providing the microphones and sound for the Closing Ceremony of St. Peter the Apostle Church in Galveston. The church took on more than 4 feet of water during Hurricane Ike, and it was sadly determined that it had to close. The church had been there for 45 years and was a fixture in the Galveston Catholic community. It was nice to see so many parishoners attend the outdoor service. Luckily, the weather was perfect and a kind neighbor ran an extension cord across the street to provide electricity for the service. St. Peter the Apostle Church will be missed.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Congratulations Will and Alicia

Such an elegant and romantic wedding! The ceremony took place in the room where we performed for the reception, and it was so pretty. The colors were ivory and mocha (a dark taupe color). The tables had white pin tuck overlays over white floor length linens, topped by 2 simple, elegant ivory flowers in a vase. The chairs had white chair covers with mocha sashes. There were ivory menus at each place setting, tucked in a specially folded napkin. As I said, it was very elegant.

Alicia was so beautiful in her white strapless gown. It had gorgeous embellishments on the front, with a French bustled back. Her veil matched with its embellishments. She carried an ivory bouquet of hydrangeas and roses. The Bridesmaids wore floor-length mocha gowns with champagne colored sashes. They carried smaller versions of Alicia’s bouquets, and they were all wrapped with ivory satin ribbon. Will and his Groomsmen looked so handsome in their taupe suits with ivory boutonnieres.

After a few words from the Bride and Groom and toasts, it was time for dinner. The guests loved the buffet stations! Then it was on to the cake cutting. Alicia’s cake was so elegant. It featured 4 stacked ivory tiers with ivory designs on each. The bottom of each tier was wrapped in a mocha ribbon. The top tier featured Alicia and Will’s last initial and a topper of hydrangeas. Will’s cake was perfect for the couple, as it was designed around the couple’s university, the University of Alabama. It had a large crimson A and said “Crimson Tide.”

After the cake cutting, it was on to the first dance and a family dance. Will and Alicia opted to do the family dance dedicated to their parents, grandparents, and close family members. So they briefly danced with all of them before it was party time.

This group partied from the first song to the last. From Hip Hop to slow to Spanish, they were on the floor all night. Favorites included Suavamente, Yeah, Don’t Stop Believin’ (everyone sang along on that one!), La Vida es un Carnival, Baby Got Back, Tu Sonrisa, Chicken Dance, Calle Ocho, Cha Cha Slide, Boot Scoot Boogie, Cupid Shuffle, Low, and many more. This group was fun!! Sweet Home Alabama was a big hit, as it’s the song of the Newlyweds’ alma mater. So, all the Crimson Tide students and alumni were on the dance floor having a blast, waving pom poms and singing along. At one point, the dancers spontaneously broke into a Conga line, which circled the room. At another time, they ended up with couples doing a ‘tunnel’, in which each couple went under the arms of the others and ended up at the end of the tunnel (kind of like a Grand March). Then there was the Thriller dance, and I can’t forget it when some of the male guests (I assume they were in a college fraternity), got out on the dance floor and did step moves while everyone gathered around. They were fantastic! Didn’t I say they this group was fun!?!

Finally, the night came to a close and the Newlyweds made their exit through cloud of bubbles, jumped in their Party Bus, and headed off to their honeymoon. Congratulations Will and Alicia!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Congratulations Robert and Lori

This wedding featured the colors of berry/purple and ivory. Lori wore a beautiful V-necked gown with beaded accents on the bodice, with a satin sash on the waist and matching trim on the skirt. The Bridesmaids wore a variety of floor-length berry colored gowns and they all looked beautiful. Robert wore a black tux with tails (very handsome!), with an ivory vest and tie. The Groomsmen wore white shirts with berry vests, and dark red rose boutonnieres. Lori’s flowers were ivory roses with dark red rose accents and the Bridesmaids carried dark red roses with ivory rose accents. As a special accent, there was a white dove at the reception, in a cage decorated with matching ribbon. It was at the ceremony also, and was there to represent marriage (because doves mate for life).

After a delicious dinner, it was time for the Special Dances. The Newlyweds danced while a friend sung “Bless the Broken Road.” Then, Lori danced with her brother (and they were very, very good!) while Robert danced with his mother. And then, party time! It was so funny when the dancing started. The Bride and Groom were immediately on the dance floor, along with two Groomsmen. The Groomsmen were doing the Running Man and the Robot, and Robert and Lori were dancing along. The Groom was quite a dancer and his Groomsmen were hysterical!! Then they got crazy with the Chicken Dance (I think over ½ of the guests were in that one), and it got crazier with YMCA. I have to say major props again to the Groom, Robert. He is so funny and hilariously entertaining on the dance floor. At one point, Lori did a Polka with a family member, and they rocked the Polka! I tell you, this group was F-U-N!!! (And once again, they show that you don’t need alcohol to have a great time!) Other hot songs for the night were The Twist, Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Shout, and more.

After two very nice toasts (one which ended with “…and keep dancing!” (I loved that), it was time for the cake cutting. The Bride’s cake was so pretty! It had 3 white, stacked tiers, with ‘painted’ designs on each. At the base of each tier was a rhinestone ‘ribbon', and it made the cake really sparkle! The top featured one lone stargazer lily. It made for a very elegant cake. Robert had a two-tiered chocolate cake with chocolate accents.

After the bouquet and garter, and changing in to going-away clothes, the Newlyweds made their exit. They walked through a very long ‘tunnel’ of friends and bubbles, and headed off to their Caribbean cruise. Congratulations Robert and Lori!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our condolences

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Robert Schaerer of CR Cakes. Chef Robert was a nice guy with an incredible talent for beautiful, delicious, and affordable cakes. He opened his bakery about a year ago, and was already becoming known for his amazing cakes. Our thoughts are with Chef Robert's family at this difficult time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Galveston Bridal Show on Sunday

Here's one last reminder to come visit us at the Boutique Bridal Show of Galveston Island this Sunday, August 16th, from 12:00 - 4:00. For more information, go to We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Congratulations Brandon and Krystle

Such a pretty reception for such a nice couple! The colors for this wedding were white, ivory and dark red, and they looked very elegant. The tables had white floor length table cloths with ivory overlays. Each centerpiece had dark red roses floating in a bowl, on a mirror. On the mirrors there were candles and scattered rose petals. The chairs had white chair covers with dark red organza sashes.

Krystle was stunning in her ivory gown with champagne accents. It had a halter neckline atop a beaded bodice and a gorgeous train with satin champagne trim. She carried white/ivory roses with dark red calla lilies. The Bridesmaids wore dark red cocktail length gowns (each got to pick her own style, which means they all looked great!). Brandon was handsome in his black tux and white vest, and his Groomsmen wore matching tuxes with darker taupe colored vests. It was all made for a very classic and elegant look.

Other touches included well wishes cards near the sign in table. The guests wrote some good wishes for the Bride and Groom on a small card and then dropped them in a vase. Those cards are a great item to put in a scrapbook later, or to read on each anniversary. As favors, the guests got to take home wedding pens, which had different phrases that alternated when you clicked them. The phrases included, “To have and to hold” and “Forever and ever” and others. I’ve never seen pens like those before and they were really cute. There were also little custom made heart-shaped soaps in little boxes, and wedding bell escort card holders on the tables. A lot of planning and time went into this wedding and it showed!

I must also mention the families. We loved them! All of the family members (as well as the guests) were so nice and so much fun. You can tell they all genuinely love each other and enjoy their time together, and are united in their faith. And then there’s Krystle’s mom: she’s awesome! She was very involved in the wedding process and really helped Krystle and Brandon with so much. She made the wedding planning go smoothly and you could tell it was a labor of love.

Instead of saving the bubbles for the exit, this couple had a bubble entrance. We had all the guests line up starting at the doorway, leading right up to the head table. Krystle and Brandon entered through the lines, were showered with bubbles, and went right to their seats. It was a fun and unique entrance.

The dancing started with the first dance, followed by the Father/Daughter dance. They had practice their dance and it was beautiful. Then the Mother/Son dance followed and it was so much fun! Brandon and his mom were grooving, doing the bump, and all kinds of fun dances. Everyone loved it and they were both great dancers! After the special dances, it was party time. The favorite song of the night was definitely the Cupid Shuffle, and the Cha Cha Slide was not far behind.

A perfect match to the wedding day colors, the Bride’s elegant cake featured four ivory stacked tiers, with a fondant drape running diagonally down the front, with red gum paste roses that looked like real roses. It was topped by two bejeweled, entwined hearts. The Groom’s cake was an ivory open bible with a dark red fondant ribbon, with scripture written on it. It was a nice way to recognize their faith on their wedding day.

The bouquet toss was so funny! The ladies were ready, Krystle was ready, I counted 1…..2….3!... Krystle tossed the bouquet, and… nothing. Where did it go? Sure enough, it was 15 feet up, stuck in the chandelier. It was hilarious! (I wonder if it will end up on America’s Funniest Home Videos?) We all laughed and I handed Krystle another bouquet. With a warning to keep it low, the final throw and catch was a success. Brandon’s garter removal and toss went off without a hitch.

Near the end of the night, many of the guests left and the immediate family stayed to party. It was so much fun watching Krystle, Brandon, their parents, and their friends laughing and being goofy on the dance floor. It was a small group but they were getting crazy out there, having a blast! But, finally the evening came to a close, a waiter climbed up a ladder to retrieve the bouquet, and the Newlyweds headed out to a new and wonderful life together. Congratulations Brandon and Krystle!

Congratulations Jason and Jessica

This was a wedding done Texas style. From the colors to the décor to the food, it was Texas all the way. The guests were tipped off to the theme when they arrived at the ceremony. As they listened to slow country love songs during the prelude, they saw two large western boots filled with assorted yellow and blue flowers at the altar. They were the biggest boots I’ve ever seen!

The colors were light blue with dark blue accents. The tables had white table cloths with light blue toppers. The centerpieces had rope lassos around them, and lassos also decorated the sign-in table and special tables. On the gift table there was a large blue tub to hold cards. It had the word “Texas” on it, and was accented with bluebonnets. There were two arrangements on the bar that consisted of Texas wildflowers in western boots. The coolest thing of all the décor was the candle holders. They were small, sawed off logs, ranging from 6” to 8” high, and had small holes drilled in the center for tea lights. They were hand made and were the perfect touch for this elegant Lone Star Celebration!

Jessica looked gorgeous in her white, strapless gown. It had a beaded, wrap-style bodice with a satin train and a corset back. It really accented her tiny waist. She looked so pretty and her beautiful bead-edged veil completed the look. Her bouquet consisted of assorted ivory/yellow flowers, including roses and hydrangea, and it was tied with a light blue ribbon. The Bridesmaids wore light blue gowns and carried bouquets of light blue hydrangea with yellow roses. Jason and the guys wore black tuxes. He wore a white vest and tie while the guys wore light blue vest and ties. They all wore matching yellow rose boutonnieres. The two Flower Girls were so adorable! They wore white dresses with light blue sashes atop white western boots. They carried the yellow petals in small tin buckets that were painted with bluebonnets. It was so cute!

The Bride’s cake had four ivory tiers with different accents on each. It was accented with blue hydrangeas and yellow roses. The Groom’s cake was interesting. It was green, iced with white yard lines to look like a football field, and said “Go Gators” and “The Swamp.” On the top there was a flat Gator head that was entirely edible. The table itself was covered in a Florida Gators print cloth. The whole Groom’s cake table was awesome. (While the Bride is from Texas, obviously, the Groom is from Florida). But by the end of the night, Jason had changed into a Texas flag print vest, which showed that he’s seen the light and loves Texas! I’ll also give you one guess what they served the guests for dinner…… You guessed it. Bar-B-Q, of course!

The garter removal was a bit unusual in that the Jessica wore a rope tied around her leg. But the secret was that she couldn’t find her garter, so I (with her permission, of course), fashioned a garter out of one of the lassos I took off a cocktail table. It actually worked out very cute, as the garter matched the décor.

Just when we thought the reception was winding down for the night, Jason, Jessica, and a bunch of the kids (and a few adults) ended up doing what I’ll call the “Run and Slide”. I have no idea how it began, but suddenly, the Bride would line up with all the little girls, they’d race down the dance floor, throw themselves on the floor, and slide the rest of the way. (And yes, Jessica was still wearing her wedding gown. But now, with her boots, of course.) Then Jason and the boys took their turn. This went on for at least 10 minutes and it was so funny! Note for the tuxedo place: if you got a pair of pants returned Monday with the knees worn out, now you know why. LOL The photographer and I agreed that we’d never seen that at a wedding reception before, but it was so much fun to watch! Congrats Jessica and Jason, you’ve officially been one of our wedding firsts. :-)

As the night came to a close, the tired but happy Newlyweds jumped in their truck and headed out to their new life together. Congratulations Jason and Jessica, and yee haw!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Great video to watch

This video shows how a great sense of humor can get you through any little mishap that may occur on your wedding day. The CD skipped during the Bride's processional, and the guests helped her along. We weren't the DJ for this wedding, I found it on Youtube.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We enjoyed meeting you this weekend

We had a good time at the Bridal Extravaganza this weekend and enjoyed meeting and speaking to you future Brides and Grooms. We loved hearing about the plans for your big day!

We want to say a special Thank You to Carol of Carol's Catering Service, who surprised me with a small cake on Saturday for my birthday. It was yummy and very happily eaten!

And another Thank You to Michelle and the crew over at Clear Lake Flowers. Ferdy spoke to them before the show and arranged for them to bring a beautiful vase of flowers to surprise me. (Here's where all the ladies, say "He's so sweet!" And yes, he's the best!!) So, that beautiful pink floral arrangement in our booth was a birthday gift from my wonderful husband.

To see us again soon, we'll be at the Bay Oaks Country Club Bridal Open House on Thursday, August 13, from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Contact Julie at Bay Oaks for more information, at 281-488-7888 x3805.

We'll also be at the Boutique Bridal Show of Galveston Island on Sunday, August 16, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. For more information go to

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooks

Tonight we had fun providing the entertainment for Brooks' 11th birthday pool party. There were plenty of people there, enjoying the music, food, cake, and cool water. All the kids were so nice and well behaved, it was so nice to see. They loved the Limbo Contest (congrats to Clare, Abby, Mallory, and Kyle, the winners). Later there was some dancing and I led the kids in the Cha Cha Slide. Oh, a big shout out to Brandon, who is quite the dancer! For fun, we gave out sunglasses, glow sticks, leis, and a few inflatable guitars. Although it was hot, it was a great time for all. Again, Happy Birthday Brooks!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Come visit us at the Bridal Extravaganza!

Don't forget that this weekend is the big Bridal Extravaganza! It is Saturday, July 25 from 10:00 - 5:00, and Sunday, July 26 from 11:00 - 5:00. We will be in booth #312. Come by and visit us! You can get more info on their website at

And, if you're there on Saturday, make sure to wish me a Happy Birthday. :-)

Congratulations James and Kellie

Such a gorgeous Bride, handsome Groom, and amazing colors! I think that about sums it up, but I’ll still tell you the details. LOL The colors of the day were black and hot pink, and they were all tied in so beautifully! We provided music for the ceremony and reception, so we (Well, I should say “me” because Ferdy isn’t quite so into that stuff as I am) got to see all the little wonderful things they did to make their wedding perfect.

Kellie looked gorgeous in her white satin gown. It had a long train with beautiful embellishments on the bodice and skirt. I loved the bustle. It’s not one that I’ve seen before, but it tucked the skirt up to the waist and kept the smooth line of the skirt. It was very elegant! She carried a bouquet of hot pink roses. The Bridesmaids wore black cocktail length dresses and carried hot pink bouquets as well. They changed into matching fuchsia flip flops for the reception – very cute! James wore a black tux with white shirt, vest, and tie, while his Groomsmen wore black tuxes with white shirts, hot pink vests, and hot pink ties. They all wore hot pink boutonnieres. They all looked so nice!

The ceremony was so beautiful. The chapel had hot pink hyndrangeas on alternating pews, with candles in glass lanterns on the others. Just as the ceremony began, the sky darkened and it started to rain. (You do know it’s considered good luck if it rains on your wedding day, right?) With less light, the chapel was so romantic and intimate. The candles at the altar and on the aisle were glowing. Even the ceremony programs matched the colors. The information was printed on hot pink paper, which was mounted on a black and white damask print paper, with a black bow tied at the top. The programs were very striking and I loved them!

The reception was equally beautiful. The tables had white floor length table cloths with white napkins and white chair covers. The black chair ties and hot pink centerpieces pulled the look together. The table centerpieces featured one main arrangement, with two smaller arrangements on each side. They were a mix of assorted fuchsia flowers (stargazer lilies, roses, and more). They were gorgeous.

The Bride’s cake was a perfect match to the day. It was white, with four square tiers, white scroll designs on each layer and a black ribbon on the bottom of each. There were hot pink roses between each tier, and petals scattered on the table. The Bride and Groom’s initials were on the top. The Groom’s cake was amazing! It was a blue Mustang Saleen: a replica of James’ car. It was done with amazing detail. I couldn’t believe it!

Another cool thing at this reception was the Candy Buffet. It was on layers of fuchsia and black organza, with assorted glass vases that had hot pink and black ribbons around them. There were little bags to take home your treats, and they featured the couple’s names and wedding date on them (in hot pink, of course). I tell you, every little detail of this wedding was so well planned and it was evident.

After dinner, the cake cutting, the toasts, and the special dances, it was time for the party to begin! There were so many adorable little ones at this wedding, and I loved it. It’s so cute to see the kids in their dressy clothes, running around the dance floor. Big dance floor hits with this group were Cha Cha Slide, Play That Funky Music, Single Ladies, Cupid Shuffle, and Baby Got Back. To add to the fun, the photographer had set up a photo area with a backdrop, and he was getting the guests to get silly in front of the camera. The Crazy Booth poses were hysterical and everyone a great time participating as well as watching! We also had a great time with this couple: they’re both so nice and James is too funny!

Finally after the Money Dance and Bouquet and Garter Tosses, it was time for the evening to come to close. The Newlyweds ran through a shower of petals (hot pink, of course) and took off in a limo to their new life together. Congratulations Kellie and James and have fun in Cancun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Congratulations Donnie and Rachael

What a pretty afternoon wedding reception! It was held at Maggiano’s on Post Oak, and not only was the ballroom pretty, but the food and staff were great as well. The colors of the wedding were indigo (blue), champagne (ivory), and silver. The tables had ivory tablecloths and were topped by alternating high/low centerpieces of flowers including ivory and blue hydrangea. The programs for the ceremony and the bubbles for the exit were tied with blue ribbon, to match. Something you don’t see often, but is a nice touch, is a donation favor. This couple did that, by donating to a charity in lieu of giving favors to the guests. There were cards on the tables letting the guests know that it was done.

Rachael was gorgeous in her strapless, ivory fitted gown: she has such a tiny waist! She carried a bouquet of blue hydrangeas and ivory calla lilies. The Bridesmaids wore strapless, cocktail length gowns in indigo, and carried bouquets of ivory calla lilies tied with blue ribbons. The Groom wore an ivory vest and tie under his tux, with a blue hydrangea boutonniere. The Groomsmen wore silver ties and vests with ivory boutonnieres. It all looked very elegant and summery.

Now for the cakes. The Bride’s cake had three ivory colored tiers with their last name initial on the top. The top and bottom tier had a simple blue ribbon ‘tied’ around each one, with a bow on the front. The middle layer had blue accents all over it (I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s like blue squiggles.) The Groom’s cake was amazing! The theme of his square chocolate cake was deer hunting, so I guess we know his hobby. :-) The cake itself was chocolate, with a deer stand on top. The stand was covered in chocolate and had green icing vines and leaves all over it. The front of the cake had an icing blue ‘river’ running down it. On the rest of the cake there were chocolate trees with green icing leaves, and chocolate covered ‘rocks’. The only things not edible or covered in chocolate or icing were the deer. That cake was really, really awesome!

After a seated, family style dinner of spaghetti and chicken parmesan (which the guests loved), the special dances, the cake cutting and toasts, it was time to party! This was another reception that shows that you can have lots of fun and dancing in the daytime. After the third song (you know it takes a little bit for people to get warmed up), it was dancing until the end. A bit later, the Bride and her Zeta sisters did a Sorority Candlelight, followed by more dancing. I can’t forget the dance dedicated to Dylan, Donnie and Rachael’s son. It was sweet that even though he was too young to understand, they wanted a special song just for him. He was a little cutie!

After lots more dancing (and some dancing craziness near the end of the reception LOL), and the bouquet and garter tosses, it was time for the newlyweds to leave. They ran through a shower of bubbles and took off in a gorgeous antique limo to begin their new life together. Congratulations Rachael and Donnie!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Congratulations Ronnie and Tonja

This was the Brady Bunch, 4th of July but the colors weren’t red or blue, held in a Historic ballroom, wedding of the year, and it was wonderful! I say Brady Bunch because, between the Bride and Groom, they have 5 daughters. Gorgeous and sweet girls, they already fit together like family.

Although the wedding was on July 4th, it wasn’t all about the holiday. It just happened to be the day that worked best for this couple’s schedule. The colors were a soft and summery mix of soft pink, mauve, ivory, and sage. The colors were perfect for the ballroom, which held tables covered with cloths of ivory damask topped by vintage oil lamps for centerpieces. The Bridesmaids wore soft pink gowns and had pink and ivory flowers. Tonja’s oldest daughter walked her down the aisle, so she wore the same gown as the Bridesmaids, but in sage green.. The Groom and his Best Man wore sage vest and ties with matching pink and ivory flowers.

The Bride’s cake matched the colors as well. It was 3-tiered, ivory, with sage ribbons around the bottom of each tier, and had mauve and ivory flowers spiraling down the front. There was a tiny bit of cake smashing when the couple fed each other the cake, but it wasn’t too bad and only required Tonja to blow her nose to get all the cake out. :-)

The ceremony prelude music was a bit unique in that it was timed to a slideshow put together by Ronnie. So, the guests got to enjoy the photos and accompanying music while waiting for the ceremony to start. Finally, Tonja walked down the aisle in a pretty gown with soft layers of chiffon. Combine the dress with the curls in her hair, and Tonja looked like a Greek goddess!

After picture taking and appetizers, the Bride and Groom were announced into the room and dinner began. Following the First Dance and the Bridal Party Dance (which was to the Chicken Dance – that’s when the guests knew the night was going to be a lot of fun!), it was party time. Everyone had a lot of fun dancing, especially Ronnie and Tonja. I knew going in that Tonja would probably be a big dancer, but I didn’t expect that Ronnie would be on the dance floor so much. He’s a real party guy!

The bouquet toss (bouquet caught by Tonja’s oldest daughter) and the garter tosses were over, and the dancing continued until the end of the night. (They had already done a bubble exit after the ceremony, so everyone got to dance until the very end of the reception.) Finally the happy Newlyweds left for their honeymoon cruise. Congratulations to you both and enjoy your trip!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Today is the day we celebrate the signing and adoption of the Declaration of Independence: the birthday of our nation. Independence Day. While you are all out celebrating by eating hot dogs and apple pie, watching fireworks, and enjoying the parades, don't forget the meaning. Celebrate not only for the fun, but remind yourself of the amazing freedoms we have in our country. Remember the service men and women who have and continue to fight for our right to live free. While we will be working a wedding, we will be celebrating as well: the birth of a new family that is joined together in marriage. Go out there and have a safe and happy July 4th!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Congratulations Landon and Amanda

This was one of our more unique receptions, and it was a perfect for the Bride and Groom. The reception was for a Christian couple, held at an Indian restaurant, in the morning/early afternoon, with lots of Spanish music mixed in. How’s that for unique! I loved it. Amanda was not your traditional bride, yet every single part of the day was perfect and a beautiful reflection of the Newlyweds.

The Bride wore a gorgeous wedding gown with white Stephanotis flowers pinned in her hair. There was no Bridal Party, although they had witnesses standing up for them at the altar. The women wore any dress of their choosing, with wrist corsages. Amanda carried a soft pink and white floral bouquet that matched the other flowers. The men at the altar wore suits with pink and white boutonnières, as did the Groom.

The restaurant needed no extra décor, as it was already very pretty. So, there was no need for centerpieces to be brought in. The dinner consisted of three courses and all kinds of Indian food that I can’t even spell or pronounce. :-) The guests loved it all! The wedding cakes were one traditional element of the reception. The Bride’s cake was three-tiered, vanilla with raspberry filling, and a soft pink and white bow on top. The Groom’s cake was two-tiered, chocolate, and accented with strawberries.

After the cake cutting, toasts, and special dances, the dance floor was opened with the Anniversary Dance. (Some of you may know this as the Married Couples Dance. It’s when we invite all married couples to the dance floor and then slowly eliminate them down to the one married the longest. It’s a nice way to recognize long, happy marriages.) The longest married couple has been married for 37 years and shared some words of wisdom to the Newlyweds. The husband was smart, and advised Landon to always get the last words in an argument: “Yes, Dear.” Everyone had a laugh and it was on to party time!

The crowd was a lot of fun, and danced to all genres of music. We didn’t play any Pop, Country, or current Top 40, but everyone still had a great time. The guests danced to Rat Pack, oldies, Salsa, Merengue, Spanish Pop, Reggaeton, and more. The dance floor was overflowing most of the time!

This wedding was a wonderful example of how Brides and Grooms can do things a little outside of the norm, and end up with a wonderful day that matches their personalities and interests. It was an ideal day, full of happiness, and absolutely perfect for this couple that is so much in love.

Amanda and Landon’s honeymoon is one of the coolest I’ve ever heard of. They are going to spend time in Italy and France, and then walk through Spain on a 500 mile pilgrimage. How’s that for awesome! It truly will be a trip to remember.

After the bouquet toss, the afternoon finally came to a close and the Newlyweds headed out under a shower of bubbles. Congratulations to you both and enjoy your honeymoon!

Congratulations Ian and Meghan

For this ceremony and reception, we were at the beautiful Pine Forest Country Club. The colors were pink and sage green, which were perfect for a summer wedding. The alternating high/low centerpieces consisted of assorted pink, green, and white flowers surrounded by candles. The white table cloths added to the summery look (well, and the view of the golf course from the windows did also. :-) Even the favors matched: pink and green Jelly Bellies in little boxes, tied with pink and sage ribbons. Luckily, the events were all held indoors, because the temperature outside was around 100 degrees and it would have been so hot!

Meghan was so beautiful in her gown: it had a full, ball gown skirt with layers of tulle, lightly sprinkled with beaded accents, topped by a beaded bodice. Her long, chapel length veil was gorgeous with its beaded accents that matched the gown's skirt. The bridesmaids all wore sage green gowns and carried pink flowers, as did the Bride. Ian looked handsome in his tux with sage green vest and tie. The groomsmen wore the same and they all looked great!

The ceremony was so sweet and filled with meaning. It’s obvious that Ian and Meghan are very much in love and strong in their faith. Their first kiss was one of the longest ones we’ve ever seen, and the guests loved it! I must mention the soloist, Regan, who played the guitar and sang during the unity candle lighting. She is only 16 years old, and is already amazing! She has an incredible natural talent and I can honestly see her being well known in the music industry some day.

After the special dances, it was time for the toast and cake cutting. The Bride had cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, and they were arranged beautifully. The guests loved the assortment of flavors, and they were a big hit! (Oh, wait, I have to get back to the toasts. I think this wedding won the prize for the most toasts ever. There were nine toasts, and they lasted for over twenty minutes!) It was plain to see that many people love Ian and Megan and wanted to share their wishes for them.

From the first song to the last, everyone was on the dance floor having a great time. From the littlest ones to the oldest, all the guests had fun dancing. There were so many cute little kids at this wedding, and they were all so sweet! This was another reception that proved that you don’t have to have alcohol to have a fun time.

Following the bouquet and garter tosses and the last dance, Ian and Meghan ran through sparklers, jumped in their well-decorated car, and headed off to their new life together. Congratulations Newlyweds and enjoy your honeymoon in the Florida Keys!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Congratulations Keith and Laura

This afternoon wedding reception was the second one for this Bride and Groom. They got married a week earlier in her home state of Kansas, and it was a full, traditional ceremony and reception. This reception was for their friends and family in Texas. Can you imagine how much more relaxed the Newlyweds were at this one? Another added bonus is: Laura got to wear her wedding dress again!

The reception was held at the South Shore Harbour Country Club, which has a beautiful view of the golf course from the wall of windows in the ballroom. The colors of the day were white and blue. The white chair covers had blue chair ties, and the centerpieces were pretty, alternating high/low arrangements of white roses and other flowers, surrounded by candles. Each place setting had a customized white bookmark with Keith and Laura’s names printed in blue. The room was very pretty!

One unusual aspect of this wedding was the Groom’s cake. Instead of a traditional cake, he had mini, custom made cheesecakes, with strawberry sauce to drizzle over the tops. How fun, and who doesn’t love cheesecake?

Finally it was time to dance! Laura, the beautiful bride, got to dance her first Chicken Dance. Welcome to Texas! (I wonder if she thought we were all crazy?) This crowd loved the fun, interactive songs, like Macarena, YMCA, Cha Cha Slide, and Twist and Shout. Sometimes there’s not a lot of dancing at a reception when it’s still light outside, but not this one. I must mention the cutest little girl that was dancing all night. She was three years old and the best dancer ever! She’d follow along with every song, copying everyone’s dance moves. I tell you, that little girl and her bright green painted toenails was just too adorable!

The evening came to a close and Keith and Laura stayed until the end to see their guests off. Congratulations (again) to the Newlyweds!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thank you for your reviews

We just recieved this glowing review from a recent Bride and Groom, and it made our day. It's so nice to be told that the people we work with appreciate the hard work we put into making their day as wonderful as possible. It also inspires us to continue doing the very best we can to make sure our future clients have the same experience. Thank you!

"We truly can't share enough positive comments when it comes to Wendy and Ferdy and Premium Sound DJ. Professional, experienced, thorough, responsive, state of the art equipment, flexible, punctual, warm, friendly and just amazing people to work with. We met them at the very first venue open house we attended on our 15 month wedding planning adventure. We knew immediately that we really liked what they could do for us and how they would do it and we all just clicked right away. They were the first vendor we chose and our easiest and best choice by far!

Ferdy was a genius with the music and lighting. Even though we spent months lining up all of our songs from the ceremony to the last dance at the reception...he already had them all digitally remastered and mixed them like a pro on our day. Even the specific versions of the songs we chose were already in his repertoire. I know he was thinking to himself..."Is that all you got?" every time we gave him a song. There was nothing we threw at him that caught him off his game! Knowing he was taking care of all that for us was GREAT! He was able to keep everyone on the dance floor all night long from 4 year olds to 80 year olds. That isn't easy to do!

Wendy was amazing. Being a former wedding coordinator she really helped us during our entire event by knowing the flow and keeping things moving all the while working with Ferdy too. She did more for us than the actual coordinator at our venue and we really would have been lost without her there. I will say too, she was the ONLY vendor who proactively contacted us through the planning stages to gently remind us of deadlines and info they needed before due dates came and went. No one else did one. During such a crazy time it was so helpful to have her keeping us on track up to and during our wedding all the while still keeping it fun and memorable for us.

The entire experience was completely handled from beginning to end and we knew we didn't have to give anything a second thought when it came to what they were doing for us on our wedding day. All of the hassles and concerns just went away, knowing they were there. We would recommend Wendy and Ferdy to anyone considering a DJ service for their wedding or special event. They are professional yet personal – they even gave us a wedding congratulations card. None of our other vendors did that and what a thoughtful gesture – we were touched. We gave them the highest possible score on our review because they deserve it and we want everyone who reads this to know what a superior job they did for us and I know they would do the same for your event too. You will get amazing music and lighting plus so much more. Thanks Wendy and Ferdy for everything! You guys ROCK! "

Congratulations Richard and Stacey

This wedding reception was held at The Gallery, which is awesome! We’ve never played here before and I fell in love with the venue the minute we walked on to the grounds. The architecture is amazing, the vine-covered walls and patios are beautiful, and the ballroom is unique with its open- to-upstairs dance floor and brick walls. One thing I noticed is that this is the perfect location if you want to do uplights or a custom Gobo. They would look beautiful in this room. Tara, the coordinator is also great to work with. She’s been there for over 2 years and really knows what she’s doing. The Gallery is truly a unique venue in Houston and you should check it out for your wedding.

The colors for today were black and white with aqua accents. Those colors are so pretty, especially for a summer wedding; The Bridesmaids wore aqua dresses, with a wrap style bodice and ruffle trim running down the front of the skirt. They were very cute and very easy to wear again! The chivari chairs were tied with aqua ties, and the white table cloths were covered with sheer white organza overlays embroidered with aqua swirl designs. It was so pretty! Also, there were aqua matches for the sparkler exit. For favors, there were full sized customized Hershey candy bars for each guest.

The dancing was, as usual, a great time for all. This crowd danced to all types of music and they obviously enjoyed themselves. There dance contest between the Maid of Honor and a Groomsmen as they danced to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”. That was funny! Then there was a mini dance floor hoe down to “Ring of Fire”, followed by sing alongs to “I Had the Time of My Life” and “Footloose”. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention all the cute little ones at this reception: a two week old, a five month old, and many more. They were all so adorable!

After the Toasts by the Maid of Honor (who said she was really nervous, but then gave a perfect toast and seemed totally at home talking on a microphone), the Best Man, and a guest with a special message sent long distance from Australia, it was Cake Cutting time. Then, after a bit of dancing, we were on to the Money Dance. We wrapped that up and it was time for the Bouquet and Garter. The Maid of Honor caught the bouquet and the Best Man caught the garter. It’s not often that happens!

Finally the evening came to a close and it was time for Stacey and Richard to make their exit. They ran through sparklers, climbed in their Town Car, and drove away to their new life. Congratulations to the Newylweds!

Congratulations Cody and Andrea

This outdoor ceremony and indoor reception was held at the beautiful Courtyard on St. James. It was hot out there but luckily, it cooled down in time for the evening ceremony. The wedding featured a black/white/fuchsia theme, with Celtic/Welsh accents to honor the Groom’s heritage. They tied it in to the day in multiple ways.

Andrea wore a beautiful white gown with pick-up skirt that had a black sash, accented with a black and white Celtic plaid. The Bridesmaids wore gorgeous strapless fuchsia gowns with pick-up skirts, and the Groomsmen wore fuchsia rose boutonnieres. The Bride’s white cake was 3-tired, with black fondant accents on each layer, mimicking a Celtic plaid. The large black fondant bow on the middle layer featured a beautiful brooch in the middle. Cody and his Groomsmen wore kilts – cool! (And no, I didn’t ask what they wore underneath. Ha ha) The silver Groom’s cake had his family crest and was on a Celtic plaid base.

The favors matched because the white boxes had a black Celtic design on the top and were tied with a fuchsia bow. Even the centerpieces tied in with the colors and theme, with pink flowers in alternating high/low vases, tied with black bows. It all came together beautifully and was just the right amount of Celtic accents to tie it all together without being too much.

Following dinner, the cake cutting, toasts, and the special dances, it was time for the dancing to begin. This crowd danced to everything, from Oldies to Country to Pop to Hip Hop to you name it! I can’t forget to mention the three guys who were doing a break dance/hip hop dance-off on the floor. Or, the guy doing an Elvis impersonation. Or Andrea’s dad, who is quite the dancer! We saw him do a Riverdance type jig, the Robot, the Running Man, and a few more dances. He was so funny: I see where Andrea gets it from. It always helps when the Bride and Groom are big dancers (the Bride was in this case, I swear she’s always dancing! Cutting the cake, greeting guests… If there’s a song playing, she’s dancing.) Their love for dancing is contagious and it always encourages everyone in the room to join in. The last 45 minutes or so on the dance floor were crazy wild and fun!!

This was another wedding where I saw someone I knew in the crowd. For the 4th largest city in the country, it’s amazing how often we see people we know, at weddings halfway across town. It’s especially odd considering the fact that we never knew the Bride and Groom before we booked them to do their wedding. Small world!

After the bouquet and garter, and a lot more fun dancing, the Newlyweds ran through a shower of rose petals, jumped in the limo, and headed off to their new life together. Congratulations!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some cool wedding links

I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but whether you are or not, you have got to check out this Star Wars themed wedding. It's incredible!

Now go check out this awesome wedding video. I can't believe they got everyone to participate, how fun!

Congratulations Leslie and Jessica

The first words that come to my mind are: what a gorgeous couple! They should be on the cover of a bridal magazine. Seriously. And, the fact that the Bride and Groom love the movie “Tommy Boy”, which is my favorite movie of all time, makes them even better. Then throw in two fun families that love to dance and have fun and you have a great reception!

This reception was held at the Hilton NASA Clear Lake. You know you’ll be in good hands there, especially with Margo, the Catering Director. She’s been there forever and the staff is excellent. The colors of the wedding were ivory and teal. The table cloths and chair covers were ivory, matching the tall ivory and white floral centerpieces. The bouquets were ivory and white as well, with teal ribbon accents. Other teal touches were on the favors, seating cards, and Bridesmaid’s dresses. It was very pretty and perfect for spring.

The Bride’s four tiered cake was stunning, with floral vine fondant accents, scrollwork designs, and a fondant ribbon on each tier. The Groom’s cake was so cool, and everything on it was edible. It was 3-D, with a little Leslie and Jessica sitting on logs around a campfire, with a tent behind them and two dogs lying on the ground beside the couple. I don’t know the meaning of the cake, but it was awesome!

We knew this was going to be another fabulous reception when the dance floor was packed from the very first song. It continued to be that way for the rest of the night! The first song was a fun nod to the movie “Tommy Boy” and was had meaning to Jessica and her dad. It was “What’d I Say” by Ray Charles, from the scene in the movie when Tommy and his dad were dancing at the wedding. Too funny! This group danced to everything, from Oldies to Country to Salsa to Merengue to Tejano to Pop to Hip Hop to Cumbia to you name it. The dance floor was rockin’ until the very last dance!

Finally it was time for the Bride and Groom to say goodnight to their guests and head out. Congratulations to Leslie and Jessica!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Congratulations Derrick and Jennifer

There’s nothing like a wedding reception with an amazing view, and this one had it. We were at the Petroleum Club downtown, which has windows on three sides of the ballroom. It’s so cool to look out over almost all of Houston! (Oh, and if you're considering the club for your wedding reception, know ahead of time that their coordinators Jeremi and Mai, as well as the staff, are all excellent.)

But, back to the wedding. The colors were black and gold; and the colors of the ballroom’s carpet and chairs matched perfectly. The tables featured floor length black tablecloths and were accented with alternating high/low centerpieces with simple white flowers and white candles. It made for a very elegant and classic feel.

Jennifer looked gorgeous in her slim, off white, strapless gown. For her headpiece, she wore a delicate, thin headband with tiny white flowers. I loved the bridesmaid’s gowns! They were made of a beautiful gold/champagne color, and the strapless bodice featured a black lace overlay with gold sash. The guys wore black tuxes with vests to match the ladies dresses. It all tied together beautifully.

The newlyweds came in and immediately went in to their First Dance. After a welcome to the guests by the Father of the Bride, and a blessing by the Father of the Groom, dinner began. Then, after the toasts and the cake cutting, it was time for ice cream! Derrick and Jennifer cut only a small mini cake for pictures, and had Marble Slab serve ice cream to the guests. The guests got to choose the flavor of ice cream and toppings they wanted. That was a huge hit!

This was another wedding with a lot of dancers. From the first song to the last, the dance floor was packed. And the Petroleum Club has a really big dance floor. You should have seen them jumping up and down and singing along to “Shout”. What a blast! This crowd danced to everything, from Pop to Oldies to Hip Hop to Disco to Country to Rat Pack.

When it was time for the bouquet and garter, we couldn’t believe how many single ladies and men were in the crowd. Usually you see 5-10 people out there for the bouquet or garter toss, but last night there must have been at least 20 for each.

Finally, after tons of fun, dancing (and I mean nonstop dancing!!), and ice cream, it was time for the Newlyweds to leave. They ran through a shower of rose petals and off to their new life together. Congratulations and have fun on your Caribbean cruise!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Congratulations Class of 2009

We performed at a Prom last night, and we had a great time! The students attend a small Christian school that doesn’t sponsor a Prom. So, the seniors put together a committee, sold tickets, and held their own Prom (sophomores and juniors were invited as well). To top it off, they did a fantastic job. The theme was Gala Among The Stars, so there were stars on the wall and the tables, with blue tablecloths and chair ties to match.

Once it was dark outside, the house lights were turned off, our full lighting package threw some awesome lights on the dance floor, and the party began! (That’s the beauty of a lighting package: it really lets you create a dance environment that encourages the crowd, even the shy ones, to get out on the floor.) The music, while mostly current Pop/Hip Hop, also featured a variety of other genres. There were some awesome dancers in the crowd!

As our small gift to the graduating seniors, we provided a complimentary Gobo light, which projected the words “Prom 2009” on the wall directly behind where the Prom King and Queen were crowned.

There was some fun and wild dancing that night! They were all going crazy for “YMCA” and doing a soul train to it, it was hilarious watching them do the “Apache” dance, and they were all out there for the Cha Cha Slide. From slow songs to fast, there were people dancing almost all night long. It was so great to see so many of the guys out there dancing as well. It really was a fun time and we enjoyed working with these students. They truly were a great bunch.

Finally the night had to end, so the senior class song was played, and the partygoers headed out. Congratulations again to all of the graduating seniors of 2009! Go Eagles!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Victoria

Last night we did a Sweet 16 for a beautiful girl named Victoria. It was kind of a combination of a Quinceanera and a Sweet 16. Victoria entered in a gorgeous gown behind mariachis, who serenaded the crowd at Bay Oaks Country Club throughout dinner. Following dinner, the guests enjoyed a slide show, followed by a toast and cake cutting. After Victoria shared a sweet dance with her father, the party started! (Soon to be followed by a build it yourself ice cream sundae bar, which was a big hit.)

One thing to mention about Victoria’s is that she is a very impressive young woman! She apparently has major (and I mean major!) accomplishments in the field of Taekwondo. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing her in the Olympics pretty soon.

This group was a lot of fun. There were people of all ages, and they all had fun on the dance floor to everything from Hip hop to Reggaeton to Salsa to Merengue to you name it! Some of the guys were awesome dancers. They were amazing on the dance floor and a crowd gathered around them whenever they got going! At one point some of the younger kids in attendance joined in and it seemed like there was a dance off going out there! Oh, and I can’t forget the Conga line around the room or the guy spinning on the dance floor.

After fun dancing all night long, Victoria and her court left in a stretch Navigator, probably off to more music and fun. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Victoria!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Congratulations Fred and Kathleen

Last night we provided DJ services for the most beautiful and dramatic reception! The colors were black and white, with hot pink accents. And everything was so gorgeous! The tables had floor length black tablecloths with black napkins. The chair covers were black satin with silver embroidered toppers, with hot pink satin chair ties on alternating chairs. The flowers were amazing! The bouquets were beautiful, with hot pink flowers, and pink rhinestones accenting the ribbon wrapped handles. The Bride’s bouquet was one of the most dazzling I’ve ever seen, with two rhinestone-encrusted butterfly accents ‘sitting’ atop the flowers. The centerpieces alternated high/low. The flowers were a combination of bright colors and included flowers such as roses, birds of paradise, and other flowers I don’t even know the names of. Each arrangement had beads, rhinestones, and long, hot pink feathers. To top it off, each arrangement was on a base that had small lights inside, which uplighted the centerpiece. Square votive candles surrounded each centerpiece. The whole look was pulled together with pink uplights that we provided. They lined the wall behind the sweetheart and cake tables. The uplights really made the whole room look amazing! The whole reception was elegant and glamorous.

The three-tired cake matched as well, with its white tiers accented with black swirls, Square votives were lined all around the cake’s silver plateau. Even the toasting glasses matched: Swarovski crystal glasses featuring tiny crystal gems in the stem of the glasses. They were beautiful! The ceremony programs were a perfect complement. They had dark gray/black covers tied with a hot pink ribbon. The Bride and Groom had favors at each place setting that (I hear) tasted delicious, and looked beautiful as well. The favor boxes had the couple’s monogram on the top, surrounded by rhinestones. Nestled within box was a truffle for each guest.

Now to the Bride and Groom. What a nice couple! Kathleen looked beautiful in her corset back dress with beaded bodice. She is so sweet, with her giggly, always happy personality. Although we didn’t meet Fred until the wedding day, we can say he was quite handsome in his tux, and a very nice guy. It was obvious how loved they are by their families and friends, and how much they love each other. The Queen Bridesmaid made a touching slideshow to be shown during the reception, and she and the Best Man shared some personal words about the Bride and Groom during the toast.

I must mention the Father/Daughter Dance. It was fantastic! Kathleen and her father danced to Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, and had a fun time with it. They had a routine they danced to (apparently one that Kathleen danced to when she was on the drill team in high school), and at one point Kathleen’s dad was on his knees singing to her. After watching Kathleen’s dad interact with the guests, we could see that he is a really fun guy. And he was part of the best Father/Daughter Dance we’ve ever seen! As an added touch to the dancing, Kathleen put together a pink and black basket labeled “Dancing Shoes”, which held pink, black, and white flip flops in assorted sizes. The women loved putting them on for dancing.

After an elegant yet very fun night, the reception came to a close. Fred and Kathleen ran though sparklers to exit in Fred’s decorated car. Congratulations to you both, and have fun in Las Vegas on your Honeymoon!