Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Congratulations Gilbert and Nina

This beautiful reception took place at the Hotel Derek. The ballroom looked gorgeous with all the draping, uplighting, and specialty lighting. The whole room had a purple/pink/mauve glow. The colors for the wedding were Berry (dark plum) and sugar Plum (mauve pink).

The tables had floor length berry colored table cloths with champagne colored napkins. The champagne chair covers were tied with berry chair ties. The alternating high/low centerpieces had tall vases with floating candles or lower vases with mauve and plum roses. There were votives scattered around each centerpiece. The ballroom looked amazing: there was a white drape across the front of the room, with eight pink uplights shining up from the bottom. There were two lights on the side of the room directing a floral/vine pattern onto the drape. And, we had eight purple uplights glowing upwards along the walls of the room. It was so pretty! If I haven’t said it enough times before, uplights transform a pretty room into a dramatic one!

Nina was so pretty in her white gown. It had an off the shoulder neckline, a fitted bodice, and a full bustled skirt. She carried a bouquet of mauve and plum roses, each accented with crystals. Her bridesmaids each wore a floor-length berry satin gown with a sugar plum colored sash, and carried a similar bouquet. Gilbert was handsome in his black suit, white shirt, pink tie, and white boutonniere. His Groomsmen wore similar attire, but with pink boutonnieres.

After the introductions of the Entourage (meaning the sponsors, wedding party, and parents) the Bride and Groom had their first dance. Then, it was time for dinner and the guests had quite a treat. One of the Groomsmen played guitar and sang, to warm up the crowd, and then Ira Perez (a well known singer and guitar player in Houston) did a set. To make dinner even better, lechon (a traditional Filipino roast pig) was served. You can’t have a party without it!

After dinner, it was cake cutting time. Nina’s cake had four, stacked, square layers, with elegant accents on each, a berry colored band on the bottom of the tiers, and a white bow on top. Gilbert’s cake was a chocolate Texas shape, with the classic UT clock tower on top. Of course, the Newlyweds got a picture of all the UT alumni in the room around the cake. Following that were the Father/Daughter dance, the Mother/Son dance, and then Gilbert danced with his new Mother-in-law while Nina danced with her new Father-in-law. I must say that it is so obvious how much these families enjoy being with each other, love each other, and have so much fun together!

The Bouquet and Garter were unique tonight: the lucky catcher of the bouquet also got a Victoria’s Secret gift card, and the garter catcher got a Best Buy card. You know they loved that! When the dance floor was open, it was party time! This group danced to everything, even Tango, Cha Cha, Waltz, and Swing (and there were some great dancers). Big hits were also line dances, 80’s, Hip Hop, you name it! We also provided our Party Package, where we give the guests props while dancing, like leis, maracas, hats, etc. At one point, Gilbert was dancing with a tiara on his head and a pink feather boa around his neck. Too funny!

There were a few other unique aspects of the night. There was a photo booth with props set up in the hallway and that was a big hit. There was also a candy buffet of three different types of popular Filipino candies. Everyone loved them! The night wound down to a close and the Newlyweds stayed until the end to wish their guests farewell. Congratulations Nina and Gilbert and enjoy your Las Vegas honeymoon!

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  1. Hello Ferdy and Wendy,
    We just saw this blog tonight. Everyone had A LOT of fun at our wedding and you guys are a HUGE part of it. You both were so awesome. Not only are you both nice, you're very professional, talented and accommodating.
    Thank you for helping make our wedding a very happy event that we will always cherish.
    =)Gilbert and Nina