Thursday, January 11, 2018

Why You Should Never Hire an Uninsured DJ

Here’s one question you might not think to ask when shopping for a DJ: “Are you insured?” An uninsured DJ might be cheaper up-front, but can cost you much more in the long run. I’m proud to say I’m insured — find out why that’s so important in this edition of Peter’s Pointers.

How an Uninsured DJ Can Cost You

Mobile DJs in Central New York(and not Texas either) are not required by law to carry any type of insurance. Plenty don’t. Whether they just never considered it, or they purposely chose against it, doesn’t matter. I won’t name any specific competitors, but I will say this: always ask, and never hire an uninsured DJ.
Some uninsured DJs might try to convince you, “nothing bad ever happened before, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”  Knock on wood, I’ve never needed to file a claim on my own liability insurance. But I’m insured anyway, because accidents can happen anytime.  Hiring an uninsured DJ is extremely risky:
  • You could be stuck paying big bucks. If the DJ causes any damage or injury, but can’t afford to pay, you could be held responsible since you hired that DJ.
    • A cables haphazardly strung across a hallway could cause someone to trip.
    • An unsecured speaker or an unbalanced lighting truss could fall on someone, or break a table or a window.
  • Your venue might send the DJ home. Some venues require DJs to show proof of insurance. Imagine if your DJ arrived to set-up, only to be turned away for lack of insurance… with no time to get a replacement.
    • Even if your venue doesn’t require DJ insurance now, that could change by the time your wedding day arrives.
  • Other problems?  Any DJ willing to work without insurance is already demonstrating major carelessness.  It could be a hint of carelessness in other aspects of their work.  For the most important day of your life, do you want careless or do you want professional?

BEFORE YOU BOOK: What You Need from Your DJ

Don’t just ask if they’re insured — request proof. And don’t feel guilty or back down — a true professional will be happy to comply without hassle.  When you see the document, look for these 3 items:
1. Make sure it’s “business liability” coverage.  Some DJs might believe DJ activities fall under their homeowners or renters policy. Wrong. It’s a business, so they need business liability coverage.  Homeowners coverage won’t pay a penny for a DJ-related mishap.  If the certificate doesn’t include business liability, walk away.
2. Coverage limits. Typical policies cover at least $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. When venues require coverage, they typically require the same amounts.
3. Expiration date. Most policies renew annually. If the current policy expires before your event date, how do you know it will be kept current?  If you book me, I guarantee it in writing, as part of my DJ services contract.

Never Hire an Uninsured DJ

I know I said that at the top of the post, but it bears repeating.  It’s easy to think “nothing will go wrong,” until it does. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Whether you hire me or not, please, please, please, verify your DJ has adequate liability insurance before you book.

Courtesy of my friend Peter of Peter Naughton Productions.  Check out his website for other helpful advice!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Congratulations Danny and Jessica

This was a fun reception with a fun couple!  It was also special to us, as we did the wedding of Danny’s sister back in July.  It’s always great when we get to see some of the couples we’ve worked with in the past.  With the colors of purple and ivory, accented by wood and burlap, this reception was pretty as well as fun.  The tables had ivory floor-length tablecloths and purple organza runners.  There were two kinds of centerpieces.  Some had dried flowers in burlap-wrapped vases.  Next to the vases were slices of wood topped with large, clear. glass ornaments.  Inside the ornaments were the table numbers and mini pine cones sitting in artificial snow.  Those were perfect for tying together the rustic theme at a winter wedding.  Other centerpieces had bouquets of hydrangeas next to the ornament table numbers.

The white, three-tiered cake matched the centerpieces, as it had   The cake sat on a large wood slice.  Even the cake knife and server set matched the theme, as its handles were wrapped in twine.  The large, wood, stained sign for the guests to find their table numbers matched the rustic accents of the reception also.  In lieu of a traditional guestbook, Jessica and Danny had a brown canvas with little purple hearts all over it.  The guests signed their names inside the hearts.  As a unique accent for this politically –minded couple, there was a selfie station with a life sized cardboard cutout of a well-known political figure.  There were also Trump and Obama masks.  To top that off, there was a large cardboard cutout of a Dr. Who police box.  I love the way they made their reception reflect who they are as a couple.
accents of hydrangeas on the tiers and making up the topper.

When Jessica and Danny were introduced into the reception, Jessica wore an elegant, faux fur, white cape.  She wore her perfect winter accent through the first dance as well.  I loved it!  To match the wedding colors, the bridesmaids all wore pretty purple dresses.  The groomsmen wore grey vests and slacks, with purple ties.  In lieu of boutonnieres, each groomsman wore a pin-on badge on their left lapel, which said “Team Couple.”  (In place of the word “couple” was their last name.)  That was something I’ve never seen before!  I knew Jessica wanted to spend a lot of time on the dance floor when she changed dresses after the cake cutting.  She came out in a pretty tea length dress and sneakers – ready to party!

There was a lot of fun dancing at this reception, including a ten minute long Grand March.  When the night came to an end, the guests lined up outside to wave sparklers as they newlyweds made their exit into a limo.  Congratulations Danny and Jessica!

Venue: Walter Hall Park
Catering: Myleigh’s Morsels
Photography: Megan Blasdel Photography
Cake: KAV Cakes

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Congratulations Charles and Kendall

This wedding may have started with a traditional, elegant ceremony, but it ended up with an all-out party at the reception!  The ceremony took place outside, in a beautiful gazebo with draping.  To match the wedding colors of navy and blush, the bridal party wore blush dresses and carried bouquets of white hydrangea and pink roses.  The groomsmen wore suits, vases and bow ties. 

The reception ballroom had tables covered with ivory damask floor-length linens.  The high/low centerpieces alternated between tall vases holding white hydrangeas and pink roses, and low vases with the same flowers.  Gold votive candles surrounded each centerpiece, and they matched the gold chargers and napkin rings.
Kendall’s beautiful white cake matched the wedding flowers, with white and pink roses cascading down the front.  The cake had four, stacked tiers, each with natural frosting lines.  The cake sat on an elegant gold cake stand.  Charles’ groom’s cake featured a fleur de lis on the top.  Add that to the Cajun songs they asked us to play, we figured Charles must be from Louisiana.   What was really funny was that a guest brought a stuffed Domo to the reception.  Apparently, it’s a family good luck charm.

What it came to dancing, this group was awesome!  The dance floor was packed all night, from the first song to the last.  They only time they stopped was for the bouquet and garter, when Charles’ fraternity brothers sang a song to Kendall, and when Kendall and her sorority sisters sang a song.  Other than that it was non-stop dancing fun!  After a great wedding, the night came to a close when the newlyweds ran through a shower of dried lavender and headed off in a decked-out limo bus.  Congratulations Charles and Kendall!

Venue: Magnolia Manor at Brazos Springs
Catering, Cakes, Flowers, Linens: Carriage Caterers
Photography and Videography: Chris W Photography

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Congratulations Adam and Abby

This wedding ceremony and reception were pretty, with the colors of teal, pink and coral.  The ceremony was held outside among the trees in the park.  Abby wore a gorgeous wedding gown that reminded me of something that would have been worn in the 20’s or 30’s.  It had a slightly loose fit that tapered in to her waist and she was beautiful.  Her bridal party wore teal dresses and they all carried gorgeous bouquets of ivory, pink and coral.  Adam’s groomsmen all looked great in their grey slacks, grey vests, and coral boutonnieres.  Adam also wore a vest but he had a coat on over his.  The adorable little flower girls wore ivory lace dresses while the ring bearers carried signs saying, “Hey Uncle Adam, here comes your girl!”  The whole wedding party looked so good!

An indoor reception followed the ceremony, and there were two styles of centerpieces.  One had four small vases, each holding a single flower that matched the bouquets.  The other centerpieces were single vases with beautiful matching flowers.  All the tables had small votive candles, some in old-fashioned teacups.  That was really cute!

Before the cake cutting, there were a few great toasts.  One of the guys talked about queso on the ceiling.  I don’t know they story behind the queso, but I love how we always hear these hilarious stories about the bride and groom!  The cake cutting followed, and it wasn’t your traditional wedding cake.  There were two stacked tiers of bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes, and everyone loves those!  Surrounding those cakes were trays of bundtinis in assorted flavors.  The cake topper was silver, and said “Mr. & Mrs.” Abby and Adam also had a cute engraved silver cake set.  The forks said “Mr.” and “Mrs.” and the server said, “Love is sweet.”  I loved that!

When it came to dancing, this group was a blast!  Although this wedding had under 100 guests, there was plenty of dancing.  There was an impromptu Conga line, plenty of singing along, hands waving in the air, and fun on the dance floor.   When the reception came to a close with the last dance, everyone gathered outside to blow bubbles as the newlyweds made their exit.  Congratulations Adam and Abby and enjoy your honeymoon cruise!

Venue: Garten Verein
Catering: Catering by Benno
Photography: Seem Photography
Flowers: Knapp Flowers
Bundt cake and Bundtinis: Nothing Bundt Cakes